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i will blog about today's trip to Seaworld but now yeah, as you can see at the photo and my title, you know what i will blabber about first.

As far as i know, humans are the most clever living thing in the world. Which is proven, in all kinds of living things, our brains are the biggest, and as time flies by, we can see all the technologies and arts and changes humans had made to this world.

But what i really don't understand is, why such thing as racist exist in human species?

i mean, humans admit they're the most clever ones. they know which is bad and good. they know that peace brings happiness. but why in this world people still kill each other just because of their skin colour or different cultures? what do they really think about, which result to this horrible thing to happen?

as far as i know, i don't see any animal species had racist issue.

which i think no matter how clever human is, they still don't have the love nor close relationship like what animals have. for example, if there's a couple elephant, and one of the male or female died, the other one would be very brokenhearted and will not eat and starves themselves to death. or or maybe like a case where a dog would accompany his dead dog friend in the street, and won't let people come near the dead dog. have you ever heard of that? if not, ask uncle google.

what i'm trying to say here is, why people don't have that passion anymore?

most of the animals won't kill each other. they don't difference themselves with race of their species. but why human do that?
i really don't get it.


let me tell you why i would think about this complicated stuffs.

just now when i went home from Seaworld with sis, we talked about a case which occurs in Jakarta few years ago which is 1998 if i'm not mistaken. There's a time where moeslim kills all the chinese people in Jakarta because of something, idk what it is. They kill every single chinese, and they rape them, they abuse them, i don't know. I don't even wanna talk much about it. It's just too scary for me to think about it again. What i wanna say here is, that case it's just too, i don't know, racist. Same organs, same eyes, same nose, same brain, same God's creation. why kill each other just because different skin colours?

Why all people just don't live each other, appreciate different kinds of culture and cherish it together? why have to fight, kill, and differenciate it?

Same thing goes to white people and black people. They also have racist too right? But i don't wanna be too kepoh, cause i know nothing about it so better shut up before someone's offended.

Yeah the main purpose is that i just want all people to stay away from racist things lah, no difference nor hatred among us just because race only. It's just too plain stupid. we all want peace, want harmony and want happiness. why create all those absurb things to create chaos that shouldn't be happening, right?

actually, from my opinion, no offence, religion is the main start from all the racist things. I mean different beliefs, and different worships which result people to say other religion is wrong and make the others offended and start war, right?
what i think is, maybe it's better if they don't have any religion in this world, lah.
Not that i support atheism or what.
But it's just my opinion only.
After all i'm not trying to be a devil or what, we never see God too, right?
from where we know what we worship really exist?
i mean if you see every little things in this world with biological view, they all make sense. but if you see it with your religion views, some are unsolved. right?
but yeah, that's not my main point, of course.

All i want in this world is no more racism.
It's just too nightmare for human being.
All peoples are the same.
Like me, i'm a chinese but mostly i play with moeslim and even have a moeslim boyfriend.
I never mind. They are not aliens, they are humans, like me too.
So there are nothing to differenciate about, like seriously.


Okay talk enough about racism lah, now it's time i talk about what had happened today.

First me and my sis went to sis' office to gather first. I know sis' boss, Iyaz, Yunus, Dinda and her child, Aqila, Ani and Ulfi, Lily, etc etc. (forgot name lol)
we went to Mall of Indonesia first to see Neuborn's design being used by Frisian Flag. (Neuborn is my sis' office name)

Then after that comes rain but that's never been problem for us.
We went straight to Seaworld and i can't wait to start!

I saw Dugong, Piranha, dancing eel, prehistoric fish, Sharks, seahorse, and etc. I even touched a starfish and turtle, how fxcking great is that, lol.
Took a lot of pics but that's later, still don't have the mood to spam photos. lol.

After that we went around Ancol beach and Le Bridge first, then we head to Bandar Jakarta but it's already full of people so we went to Jimbaran Resto which is a Bali themed restaurant. Took some pics with the bali dancers but the photos later. lol.

Then sis sang at the stage. She sang Alicia Key's - If i ain't got you. I wanna sang too, i wanna sang Shania Twain's From This Moment or You're still The one but the staff got no lyrics of the song and i forgot the lyrics so no singing T____T
no that i don't know, it's just that i can't remember when butterfly already in my stomach. lol usual lah, stage fever.

Then we went home, The End.
There's nothing to tell actually, my pictures speaks for me. Gonna spam it soon lah, i promise.
Chao first, wanna play galau Audition. lol

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Today i didn't go to college. My muscle pain conquers the shit out of me. Hell it hurts, seriously. I've missed 2 classes today, expression drawings and religion. Got one more assignments from ED today, i heard from my friend. Shitz. I still not yet finish my previous assignments i got another assignments waiting already. =A=

shitty college life.

today i played Audition for a whole day. trying to stay my mind away from college complicated life. Time flies so fast when you had fun, eh? It's like night already.
Tomorrow imma have my weekend. Sis said she wanna take me to Sea World but idk if i should go or not. Seriously i rather play Audition at home @___@

Kevin and i fight again like fucking zillion times. I hate it. I hate it!!! GOD please just fix my relationship to normal mode okay. Totally drags my mood down to the bottom. Shit.

Kaysoo short post now. Gotta update tomorrow, i think.
People who wanna keep track of my steps can follow me on Twitter. I'm very active on Twitter.

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Hurlo people, long time no see eh. It's been weeks (i guess?) since the last time i update this blog. I apologize lah, cause college has started and i already had tons of things to do.

Kaysoo these weeks there are a lot of things happening in my life. Well, for instance, college life. I wanna tell you a lot about it.

Many people had changed their looks lah, i tell you. So many people dyed their hair, including me myself. LOLz. Then also this semester we are taught how to draw a proper realistic human with lots of steps to be done. Well, i hate that but in the other way i'm excited as well. Can't wait to learn more but no assignments please T___T it's killing me, seriously. Since college starts my time to rest has been decreasing 99%, true story.

I apply for gym, which is very new for me, in fact i've never touch or see the machines or whatever they call in real life before. This week's tuesday is my first time to use the things; i used treadmill, and other machines that i dunno what it's called. Sit up done quite extremely which result to my muscle pain at the stomach area now. T___T today i can't even walk with straight body i tell you. I have to bend my body to front to walk without pain. Even jumping, laughing and sneezing cause the pain. I ask Kevin he said my muscle had ripped wtf. Scares the shit out of me o__o hopefully i'm okay.

Today's college life is one hell of a shitty day. Makes me wanna blabber ad complain so much.

You see, i got this public lecture about "climate change and it's impact on southeast asian urbanization" to attend on at 09.00AM in the morning. i woke up at 07.31AM which i had to rush so that i wont be late. So i rushed and when i was on the way to campus i realized i forgot to bring my handphone and assignments that i had to submit today ;____; damn angry i tell you. So since it's already on the way i decided to went to the campus to attend the lecture first then when it's done i quickly rush back to home to get my assignments. BTW the lecturer is Prof. Victor R Savage from NUS anyone knows? haha.
So okay, lecture done, right? So i rushed back and take all the assignments and my phone. When i went home i use busway it took about 1hour + and drains my energy drastically so when i went to campus i decided to use Taxi instead T____T can't help it lah. Have to fucking spend money lah or else i die ah. Still has the muscle pain you know so walking = die.
So i go to campus right, i have my class. THEN YOU KNOW WHAT, THIS PART MAKES MY DAY LOOK LIKE SHIT. THE LECTURER TOLD US DON'T SUBMIT THE ASSIGNMENTS. She fucking said that the assignments submit at Mid-term aja. Damn so my whole going back to home to take assignments thing was a TOTAL waste of time, money, and energy. How fucking great is that.

So yeah, that's my whole shitty college life, i tell you.

If i got no rent ASAP near the campus, i surely will die.
Oh that's also another problem but i don't wanna talk about it now.

Okay, second, my love life, which is Kevin. Hahaha. Our relationship at middle February is drastic lah. Same bored, same lazy, don't have any sparks or whatever thing. But now it's fixed, so i got nothing to tell.

Lately i play audition very frequently, or should i say i now play it 4 hours a day to equal my hard work. Knows a few people from different cities, and my ID also had married, above is the screenshot, and my nickname now is no mote sansan93 it's -SYN--Mugi-San. Yeah, i know, K-ON members. I love her that's why i use her name.

Kaysoo i think that's all, i don't wanna write too much, i have to rush my assignments now or else got no more time. Sorry i won't blog as much as i do before now cause u got a lot of things to do and my internet has been a bitch to me so yeah.

P.S : Sorry, won't reply your tags and comments anymore. got no time. But still keep tagging. Important ones will be replied, of course.

P.P.S : Photos above me is taken by my sis. Can't wait to watch Rango! Well, if XXI still allow foreign movies, of course. :L

i mean you look so effing cute in Beautiful MV awwwhh ~
i clear this first. I AM NOT A KPOP FAN.
But this boy makes me wanna know more about it. Dayum HE'S SO CUTE

Why do you love Yo Seob?
I'M CHARMED BY HIS SMILE, YO. average kpop boys would probably act cool like so disgusting but Yo Seob always smile that's why i was like "OMG this boy is so cute" and fall in love straight. LOLz.

What do you wanna do when he meets you?
LOL yeah like he will :S
anyways if i meet him i will probably be friends with him but usually only can ask for autographs so what do you expect :S
he's a star already. lol


Anyways sorry i changed my URL again. I feel comfier when i use this one because it's written by my name. And yeah if you don't wanna relink it's okay i don't mind at all haha :)

Kinda pek chek today cause i saw something i really don't like. Tsk tsk people these days. So not respectful.

played Audition for a whole day and my relationship is boring :S more boring than ever. How can you fix a boring relationship can somebody tell me? =="

tomorrow gonna go to gym for the first time. Hope i don't fall during treadmill-ing :D

BTW PEOPLE ARE YOU MORON OR WHAT PLEASE DON'T COMMENT POST-RELATED THINGS ON TAGBOARD LIH. why so many people just don't understand D:< tagboard is for no post-related comments, like duh.


  1. PARIS. that is sooooo the first place i wanna visit. i wanna have my honeymoon there, i wanna have my marriage over there, i wanna live there! Hope my wish come true amen. LOLz
  2. I must say Egypt though. They are so many mysterious thing there, i wanna explore one by one of those things. It's a pleasure and a blessing, if i cant go to there.
  3. Phillipines! Because my hunnie lives there and my pornie too xD i wanna meet them :3
  4. The moon ~ LOL idk, maybe i'm just curious. If i had the chance i wuldn't be that brave either :P
  5. Timezone. LOL, i want this so bad. I wanna play Pump! so freakin bad. Kinda out of the topic but hey, it says places. LOLz
  6. Kevin's home :( I miss him.
  7. Lawang Sewu. Last time when i visit Kevin i don't have the time to visit that place. It is said that that place is kinda sacred and ghostly. .___.
  8. Museum, especially museum in that "Night at the Museum" movie. So exciting :O
  9. Studio. :| a band studio.

But maybe 50% from what i wrote above won't get granted though cause me personally are phobia of heights .___. LOL, and that's not something to be proud of, i know.
There are quiet a few for things that i can't live without, actually. But if you want me to sort the nine most important things, i think i have to go with these nine things. :D

  1. My family. Obviously they are the only peoples who never betrays me and want the best out of me. They are also the peoples who had raised me this big, and if i lose one of them i would like so breakdown. No matter what happens they still is the most important thing in my life, especially my mom. :) Mom, i love you so much although you always nag at me.
  2. My handphone! Like, that is the most certainly thing i can't live without. Why, you ask? Because that is the only way me and Kevin can communicate, duh? (well not literally the only way lah, but it is definitely the easiest way!) Besides that, this world is so hi-tech already, like if you don't have a handphone you're so gonna be doomed, don't you think? Like your life gonna be upside down or something.
  3. Well i have to say the third is Kevin. LOL. But this is an exception though cause anything will happen and anything will change by the time.
  4. Water. Like, duh?
  6. Internet? I don't know, this is getting tough :S
  7. Oxygen. LOLz why did i even forget this :DD
  8. Clothes. HAHAHAHA I'm getting out of the topic, aren't i?
  9. Last one, cats.

I didn't put friends in my list cause that's somehow not the thing i can't live without, since in my life there are several times already when my own bestest friend betray me or dissapoint me by backstabbing or such. But i have to say, my current college friends are so rocking and i love them to the core. xD

BTW, there's a private post here. Quite a personal thing, but if you wanna read, go ahead. Tell me what's your twitter account and i'll tag you guys the password on twitter. My account is @SusanKucing, by the way. feel free to follow :)

Just when to Ambassador to but new glasses for me cause i left my previous glasses at home and i CAN'T live without glasses. Had fun, ate at Chowking and i shall spam photos only cause there really is nothing to say.

That's the glasses i bought. full black frame, glossy style made by HUGO Boss. Bought it for IDR 370.000. My minus for right eye is 4.25 and 4.50 for left eye wtf T___T i really need to stop staring computer or i will surely go blind.

Me wearing that classes looking damn nerdy and yes i know you must be noticed my burnt scar at the tip of my nose. GAWD i hate that auntie >____>

Kaysoo my internet is not-so-good-in-fact-never-been-good-after-all so i think that's it for my short post. Here is extra pic contained doodles that my sis draw.

That picture represents my sis with her favourite color in the BG.

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Consider yourself lucky cause i find that piece of script really long time. :S

So, if you want just a ordinary back to top link without an image here's the steps.

First, place this script between your <head> and </head> code :

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So which one do you prefer?
Still, i'm going to show you how to make all of them though.

The first one, a button that dissapear when you click them.
Here's the awesome code :

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Somehow it will look like this later :

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Second, a button that don't dissapear when you click.

This is the code for the second kind of spoiler :

It will look like this :

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For the third one, the text on the button will change if you click it.
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kaysoo i changed the whole look of my lay. :D no more opacity at my blog. quite satisfied with it. :) will look good forever in RockMelt only :P

deleted my affies section, BUT you can ask for your link back IF you are close enough with me. :)
so i kinda link special people only now. Too much stranger's link make me dizzy. :S
AND YES Cherie, Julie, Karen, Lmyx, Lisa, Suviinthra, AND Aero YOU GUYS ARE SPECIAL :DD

i go online 24 hours non-stop today wtf. i got nothing to do. wish there's a cybermate who can talk to me for 24 hours too. :( Kevin's busy the whole day today so he can't accompany me. i miss him.

i am so pissed off and ashamed with my current face ;__; i got a burn scar on the tip of my nose, so obvious that i look like a clown AAARRGHHHH. FXCKKK!!

so i tried to make my nose looked as small as possible but looks like it just can't shrink. no matter in reality or in photos =__= i hate my big nose.


here's the story. so my mom's friend which is a very old auntie came to our home and pay us a visit. then she saw my face full of pimples and she said she wanna gimme a medicine to cure and gimme treatment but idk what's the treatnent yet. so mom kinda agree letting her do the "treatment" she said and she gave me a grape-purple-looking medicine. i ask mom what's the ingredient for the medicine she also don't know what's that. so i kinda not sure about the whole treatment thing. >__>

then after a few days i use the medicine, that old lady came again and she wanna do the "treatment" to me. i ask how she said using a match with fire ad stick it to some of my body parts. HELL YEAH DUDE. when i heard that i was already like "WTF NOOOO!!! NO WAY IMMA DO THAT!!!" but my mom kinda like "just go with it lah" towards me so since my mom already said like that i can't reject anymore.


not only tip of my nose, she also stick the firematch on my left, right and center upper side of back with that fucking match. SO I'M LIKE COVERED IN 4 BURNT SDOTTIE SCAR NOW. idk what's that for, last time when she burn me she did said what's that for but i'm too hurt to hear what she said. i'm like crying all over already holding that pain. I MEAN YOU TRY LAH, IT'S LIKE PUTTING OUT SMOKE IN YOUR SKIN LEH. LIKE WTF AUNTIE.

then my mom saw me crying hard like that she kinda worried too. so she ask me to cure the scars using Betadine.

so raging now. fxck lah. the scar look more obvious than my pimples, you know.


i wanna tell you what happened yesterday also.

our dormitory (me and my sis) got makeovered by the landlady WITHOUT permission.
all our messy stuffs and dirty clothes all got cleaned by the landlady and our room is all spick and span.
for me it's kinda great lah, no more dirty stuffs and thing.
but sis kinda got pissed off. :S
i can understand her feeling also lah.
after all in our dormitory 95% it's her thing mah.
and of course you don't want people to touch your things lah, right.

so she kinda nag all day yesterday LOLz.

Lola's tuppleware that she lended to sis also lost, so sis kinda raging also. =__=

but now i think it's okay already lah.

kaaysoo i think that's it, my head's hurting already.

P.S : valentine is coming. me and Kevin don't celebrate it cause as long as we're still together, everyday is valentine <3
sorry for the late post.
i arrived at Jakarta yesterday and went straight to online but my dormitory's internet are god damn slow so i can't update any shitz.

the flight yesterday is fine, not as scary as the last time i went back to my hometown. :)
so it's okay. now lemme begin the first day of the challenge.

Hmm, ten things huh?
actually, i got a lot.

  1. The first wish ever for what i wanted to be when i'm older is when i'm in primary school, i wanted to be a doctor xD

    Doctors have been said and admitted as the most succesful rich career. no matter what doctors you are, vet, dentist, or others, if your career is to cure people, you are categoried as rich and successful, and your reputation will increase like god damn high. but that wish has been vanished so long ago like wtf, i don't even major in science and mathematics, what's worse, i get sick of seeing people's inside.. how can i be a doctor, like cmoon.. xD if i be one, this world is going to be over. like sooo over, people will die everywhere. LOLz (but my bros has a chance though :S)
  2. The second for what i wanted to be when i'm older is, hmm. i don't really know what i want to be. but i should say rich. what i want when i'm older is to have lots of money, and provide for my family, yeah. have a big mansion and so, i don't know :P
  3. i think i'm getting the hang out of it. the third one is being popular hell yeah 8D

    lol popular as a movie star or a model or anything :P but i guess i dreamt too much huh? :D
  4. the fourth one is i wanna be a vet. yeah, i know it's one of a doctors too but last time what i want is to be doctor, whatever doctor it is but now all i want is to be a vet, so that's different.
  5. oh lemme make this short. married with Kevin and have boys and girls twins. lol wtf too dreamy >__>
  6. Have enough money to provide my bro's school and daily expenses
  7. I want to be happy.

okay what's important is that i live happily ever after with all my family and have no problems, that's it.
going to do this tomorrow, after i arrive at Jakarta. wish my flight luck, kays. :(
last flight the weather are as bad as fxck and the plane was shaky.
almost scares the shit out of me. :S

Day 1: Ten things you wanted to be/want to be when you're older.
Day 2: Nine things you can't live without.
Day 3: Eight places you want to visit.
Day 4: Seven people who inspire you and why.
Day 5: Six of your favorite books.
Day 6: Five things you can eat everyday.
Day 7: Four songs that describe your life right now.
Day 8: Three favorite cartoon characters.
Day 9: Two movies you absolutely love.
Day 10: One quote that describes your life right now.

LOL i so died. (source : x)

kaysoo today nothing happened except unstoppable nag from mom, and boring syndrome keep haunting me.
tonight imma pack my clothes and gotta go back to Jakarta tomorrow.
so can't wait to meet my college friends and go back to college to study xD
but please no assignments and fxck for busway as usual :L

paint my nails white and pink last night.
i think it's sweet, but mah sis think it looks like tang yuan wtf.

webcam sucks to the max quality.
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As you can see, below the HTML Code form there are HTML Test. That is an example of how your private post will look like later.
You can change it into Standard type, Inline type, or *** type. the button is right under HTML Code form.

i hope my tut helps, and i know my English sucks to the max. but if you need more help from me or you are helped by my tut, please comment on this post, kays?

thank you :3

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it's a bit long though, cause i hacked the javascript and add a lil bit something inside the script to make it usable in XML template.
Copy and paste this between <head> and </head> codes and it should be okay now.

If more problems comes up comment on this post. Thanks
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i should have listen to my boyfriend. you're a bitch, i tell you, you really are.
you ask me why? ask yourself.
how could a backstabber selfish bitch possibly not?
you back stab me, you say to people my secrets and don't even feel guilty about it, and when your bestfriend cares for you, you dont appreciate it, in fact you SCOLD them for being too nosy. well, THANK YOU. no more caring for you.

ive been your bestfriend for so many years. you got a lot of enemies, i dont care. i thought it';s their fault for being bitchy towards you. but now, i know why. THEY ALL HAVE BEEN YOUR BESTFRIEND AND HAVE KNOWN ALL YOUR BAD HABITS.
now i know. and yes, i don't use quarelling to get away from you, like your other ex bestfriends. but in fact, i just go away from you, hoping that someday you will know why i go away from you. but i guess you don't really care about that, huh?
you are FAKE, and you got a lot of friends because you are fake, and people dont know the true side of you.

well i don't care, i don't wanna care anymore.

yeah you know what? FUCK YOU.

goodbye and go to hell, BESTFRIEND.

(image from special pour vous)
as for the third day, i don't really snap some photos so.. ahahahhah. sorry. went to Timezone with few of my girls and played DDR with them. had had some fun :P

as for the fourth day, me and my girls went to Vihara to spam some photos in camera. :P

my look of the day. yeah yeah still that pink cardigan, with white gown.
i have to wear that cardigan! my back look hideous after a treatment from my mom's friend D:< you ask what's that? i better not talk about it.

my bestest friend, Siti <3 i love her to death, i swear. PLEASE NO RACIST OR I'LL SLAP THE HELL OUT OF YOU AND SNAP OF YOUR NAILS.

four of us. from left to right : Refina, Viol, Siti, me.
posed in front of Buddha's statue xD

err, this is just some extras.

then after that me and my family (me, sis, and bro. mom went there to but she hanged out with her friends so 3 of us have the meal) went to Akau and ate 3 bowls of fish porridge, 1 plate of O luak, 15 stick of Sate, 1 bowl of chicken soup, 4 pieces of fried foods, 2 plates of grilled fish, with 3 glasses of tea and 3 glasses of plain water. i was about to order Cendol but mom called us go home already =.=
that's a lot of food you say? nah, not for me. i'm still hungry, after eating those. i tell you me, sis, and bro are really good eaters. i mean our stomach are all blackholes, i don't know. we eat a lot. LOL

after that we went home and have some family good time. but i was too tired so i went to sleep first.


lately, i don't really had some time or mood to update my blog. life has been a lil' bit bitchy to me, and my mood has been swinging unstably. as for Kevin, i sensed some difference from him. i don't know. we don't text as much as we do last time. he always says he wanna be alone. i don't know why. that makes my mood go down drastically.

btw pardon me for my English. i just dont really had mood to use some grammar or whatever. i just say whta's in my mind lol.
second day of chinese new year

my look of the day. casual tanktop with pink-orange cardigan and some comfy jeans :3 still with my drop dead gorgeous heels lol

from left to right : my bro Juwarto, me and my sis Ika. Juwarto is sooo ruining the whole photo with his photobomb face :x

me and sis with mom behind as photobomb. WHY ME AND SIS NEVER HAD A PROPER PHOTO D: D: D: always got photobombed lol

around 5 pm, we went to Pizzahut. took some narcist photos. so camwhore me =A=

lol this image is so cool i even put it as a facebook profeile pic, and so does my 2 other siblings lol xD

now it's my time to become a photobomb muahahahahaha >:D

after going to Pizzahut i went out with Pinge, Viol, Siti to Ramayana to play photobox, but its closed. so we went to MS instead to hang out. since it's my first time ever to hang out with them when i came here, it's a bit awkward and i made some awkward talks and moves, but after that it's okay lol :D
gotta spam photos again tomorrow.
first day of chinese new year

my look on the first day of CNY. got a cute pink laced dress and my super drop dead gorgeous heels a gift from mom

my close-up look =A= so fugleeehhh aahhh

this is my super gorgeous heels. 9cm tall :D

side look

spam another time LOL

this is my sis heels. snake skin made. 13cm tall wtf


this is my cousin's first daughter Angel. SO CUTE WTF feels like wanna pinch her hard and throw it like a ball aaaahhh *scream*

so hard to catch a proper photo of her since she likes to move around and laugh xD she's so active.

then this is my cousin's second daughter, Vion. only smaller than Angel for 1 year. exact age of both of them? idk, didn't ask =A=

will spam my second day of CNY tomorrow, stay tuned :D
and one more thing.
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thank you :3

[Edit] GOD i made a mistake, last time i wrote me and my sis' heels 9 inch and 13 inch tall wtf xD.

awesome images are from SPV

happy chinese new year to you and you.
may happiness always with you guys and
have lots of angpaos.

i have to say, this chinese new year SUCKS TO THE MAXIMUM LEVEL. uh, well, in fact, every chinese new year in my whole life sucks, except for the time when i was little and i don't have to care for every fucking things that adult have to care for.

why does it sucks? isn't it a wonderful event that onlyu happens once a year?
isn't it wonderful that you can reunion with your family and friends and have fun?

well i tell you why.
my mom is a complete beep (beep is a word of sound used for covering vulgarity words). well i'm not saying anything rude, is that she really really gets on my hella nerves. REALLY REALLY. im not exaggerating. you can ask my sis. thank God me and sis has been facing her for like 17 years and more. we know how to be patient. but still.

reunion dinner is supposed to be happy and family joking around going on. but no, not my family. we only joke around for like few minutes then after that whole night is a complete blah for me. i can even watch chi bi peacefully wtf. *sigh*

i really can't stand it living in this house for too long. it's like, it don't have the feeling of family at all, you know what im talking about?

every time cny is coming, me and sis are like full time TKW. can't even have a rest. mom never do any houseworks then after we come every work is like done by us? idk. i just am tired.

really really tired.

i really hope that someday everything will be changed. like, 100% changed.
but i know, as long as mom still living in this racist place, everything will never change.

fuck away if you don't like this post. i dont ask you to like it.
i didn't hang out with Viol tonight, feel so guilty. instead i went out with big sis :D
we went to bakso solo to eat our dinner, and then went to airways cafe to chill a lil bit from our days. there was a cafe singer there, and if there's people who wanna sing they can sing. i wanna sing up there like, the stage is calling my soul D: but i'm too shy to go up there myself =="
i asked my sis to go up there with me but she didn't want to D: she said the keyboardist is unprofessional wtf =A= yeah for me he look unprofessional too but uh well who cares? as long as i can sing D:
but oh well, in the end i didn't sing =A=

i always have the urge and spirit to sing whenever i see a microphone wtf D:<
it's like calling me, i always like have the soul to sing D:
but uh well, im too shy =A=

maybe someday i'll record my own sound and upload it in my blog :3
what do you think? heehees :D
usual day, nothing special, done a lot of cleaning and stuffs. i as mom can i go out tonight she said yes. LOL finally i can meet my friends. yeah, friends. that's what i wanna talk about.

so i was so busy these days i can't meet up with all my friends, but some of my friends are like kinda forcing me to meet faster. i mean wth dude, can you be a lil' patient? then one of my friends was like wrote on my wall a word so hurting, kinda like this;

well, miss, it's not that i wanna say you or what. but you said something like that, isn't it too over? i mean, online is totally different from hang out with friends. it's just need few minutes of time to online and clickidie click, done. but different from hang out. it needs 2 or maybe 3 hours of time. why do you compare it? and i thought you understand, since you know me the longest and you know how my mom would scold at me if i hang out at the time like this. still!

i'm so dissapointed of you.
but well, uh, i forgive you cause you're my best-friend, at least i still treat you as one.

tonight i only hang out with viol. the 2 others can make it. one have kenduri, the other goes out with her bf to celebrate birthday.
great, when i have time everybody else don't.