what happened today.


mustaache by SPV.

just went shopping and cleaning house. a lot of things had happened today. lots of bad things for me. well idk if others feel it too or not but for me it's bad.

today my hometown which is called Tanjung Pinang rained the whole day. actually, since i came the rain never stops pouring. it's freakin cold.
this morning me and sis went to my aunt's kopitiam. my mom already at my aunt's kopitiam cos she take bro to school earlier. you see, we dress like average town people would wear. like using pasmina and others (actually it's my sis who wears a lil bit extra =A= but still!) then when we're there, people are like freakin stare at us like we're aliens or something. well that's because they never see it before. well, that's understandable for us so it's not a really big deal for us.

then we ordered 4 portion of meal for me and sis. emm. i had a confession. actually i eat 3 times as much as you guys. if you guys eat 1 plate of rice or meal i would eat 3. but i never get fat. idk why. it's kinda a blessing and a curse really haha. so yeah sis also ordered 2 portion of meal like i do so it's a total of 4. i eat Kwetiau and Nasi ayam, while sis eat Lontong and Nasi Ayam. then since we all eat like a monster (i admit), everybody's really looking at us, like we're a big freak or something. my mom is a permanent vegetarian so she doesn't eat anything we eat. then an auntie and an uncle said to my mom like "are your daughter eat all those? you're a vegetarian right? don't say you eat that also" and kinda laugh and look down upon my mom. of course i feel very offended lah, how could they say my mom like that while they know already my mom is a vegetarian. so i kinda took my food a lil bit away from my mom and i give a very not-so-good look to that he-think-he's-so-cool uncle. then he kinda feel offended too cause i give him that look so he stares at me while i'm eating. lol so what? im not afraid at all. then i said to my mom and my sis that he-think-he's-so-cool uncle is staring at me bcos he's offended but my mom said he's just looking at you, nothing matters. well im so sure he's offended. cos he stares at me with a very boi song* look. lol serves you right.

then that he-think-he's-so-cool uncle and another gossiper auntie always looking at us for awhile then whisper2 along the way while we eat tull they went home.

what's to be gossiped of? stupid old-fashioned outdated auntie and uncles. puih.

then after eating we kinda have a chat for awhile at the table. my mom says my sis skin's is so tan, and she kinda says something like "ugly" and "got look-down by others cos your skin is tan". i kinda not agree with my mom. you see, every chinese here in Tanjung Pinang is white skinned. so if a chinese is not white-skinned here it's kinda like fugly or looked down by others or look like muslim or something. since EVERY TANJUNG PINANG PEOPLE think like that, my mom got influenced too. so when she sees sis is tanned, she kinda dont like it or whatever.

actually i dont get it. i don't understand why every people in Tanjung Pinang thinks like this. i know white is prettier but? don't you think it's a bit abnormal if someone is told ugly or something just because she is tanned? it's kinda like a occupational disease, i assuma, really.

then we kinda explain to her how big city thinks and their peoples and whatever.
but my mom's kinda like boi song* and she kinda said something like "IF YOU DON'T OBEY WHAT I SAID YOU'RE GOING TO BE DOOMED I TELL YOU"

yeah right mom. obey you who lives in a very small town that don't even know what's happen out there? i don't think so.

people in Pinang always follow the flow in what happens and what they sees in TV only. they don't even know how fashion has been changed and so improved in the outside world. they only sees those who look cool in the TV, not outside world. it's kinda sad, really. i mean wtf? when i was shopping i hardly see any chinese girls wearing long skinny jeans and proper T-shirts. they all wear like sleeveless shirt and super mini-shorts like almost show their whole legs. AND IT'S RAINING OUTSIDE. i mean wtf is that? all so typical and think that's cool. and all the chinese girl all dye their hair. wtf.

well, for me, that's tolerable. they have their own opinion, and so do i. since they only have the chance to live in a very small town, i forgive them. BUT WHAT MAKES ME SO FURIOUS AND HATE THOSE FUCKING AMOI IS :

they fucking look-down others who look different than them.

okay, i honestly tell you guys that my face is terribly pimplish. and since my sis is tanned and wear clothes a bit extra (actually for me she don't even wear extra!), when we're combined together we look a bit messy. so when we're in the middle of shopping, there's a store called "GIRLS" (kays im going to make the word BOLD so that if those amois see it they will be embarrased and oh, fuck you guys moi). when we entered the store, a fucking amois is giving me and my sis the "meh...." look. i mean WTF miss?! is this how you fucking treat your fucking customers? i know we don't dress the same AND TYPICAL as you guys but puh-lease? then when i was browsing clothes i kinda drop a clothes. but i just picked it up and put the clothes on the table whatever i see. then when i was a bit far from that clothes i just dropped, the amoi came approaching that clothes and kinda say to the other amoi who also wear as TYPICAL as the other one and i kinda hear they said something like "blabla..mei you zuo guo jia wu.. blabla" (the italic means never do houseworks). i don't know if my sis heard it or not. i don't know also if they were talking about me or not, cos when they say it they are fixing the clothes i drop. but what i know is, I AM OFFENDED. and i don't like their attitude. so i kinda walk around looking at their clothes and say to my sis "there are no pretty clothes here" loudly enough to be heard by that amoi and walk out the store. fuck you guys if you guys were talking bout me. i do housework even more than you guys work for 100 years. so like stfu.

i don't really care if you guys all look typical and think that's cool but please at least respect others who don't follow you guys' style? like you guys' style are that MUST-HAVE look. please. you guys are wearing like balloon blue big jacket and wear mini-shorts wtf. so lebay*.

kays enough talk about you amois. my blood's boiling even just by imagining you all. not saying that i'm cool or what but i just don't like how you treat other people. please change. don't make me call you a bitch.

oh yeah. btw i bought a very pretty white long dress for my CNY. not showing it till' it's CNY :P


Time is Money by SPV

after we shop we went home and mom called us to clean the side terrace. our house has a front and side terrace. but we seldom use our side one so it's kinda like err.... filled with spider-webs? yeah. our house is kinda old so if it's abandoned for a while a pile of dust and spiders can fill up already.
so the door to that terrace is kinda blocked. me and sis are trying to get rid of EVERYTHING that look trashy to us, like those old shoes and unused things, everything. but mom in the end got angry because we get rid of those TRASH =A=
she said they still can be used.
i mean, mom? they are all TRASH i must say. why? because they are old already, and dusty, and some even melted cos it's melt of plastic, some even has a bee-hive or whatever hive that has larvas in it wtf =A= why do you wanna keep them?
well she answered "they can be sold, you know! if we sell them it will pretty much earn us a lot of money. you guys only know how to throw away, earn me money never know how to and never will"
err, mom, cos we still young and still studying? and sis already earning money, if you still have no idea which i think it's impossible if you don't know. and yeah.. they can be sold. but it's kinda like years already? they still in our house.

and yeah.. our house it's kinda like karang guni house already cos mom likes to keep trash and since my stepfa is old he likes to keep some weird chinese plant for chinese medicine or whatever.
so yeah.. karang guni's house. you can imagine how worse is that.

but it is okay now :D err.. i guess.

so i think my ranting is done here. this post pretty much fill up my whole blog hahaha the longest post i had ever wrote lol.
well i don't really expect you to read it but if you read this sentence then you had read the whole post and you're a lovely people who deserves a hug from me ;D *hugs*

lol i think that's all. gotta update tomorrow again. i think. lol bye :D

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