uhh.. period.

i don't really wanna post much today, cause i've been enduring the fucking slow internet for like 13 days already and today i can't stand it anymore. i almost cried when i waited my blog to load like almost hours. i hate that. T^T
i wanna complain to the internet centre but i'm afraid cos i'm still like 17? and the people wont listen to me although i complain like crazy. i ask my sis to help but she don't wanna care cos it's always me who use it so yeah. idk. stressed out.
today my period came in the morning and my fucking blanket is fucking screwed up a lil bit and i have to wash it. still not washed though. my stomach hurts so much i can't even walk.
stupid period.

and oh, i am not sure whether my blog's colour match or not but i don't really wanna care anymore cos internet. so i think imma use this skin for only 1 day or 2?
and maybe tomorrow imma change it again so idk.
just not comfy with it.
shut up and leave if you don't like me change lay often and it's not even your business.

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