Sorry, people.

Okay first, i wanna say sorry to Kharnyee.
your layout is fabulous and amazing, you're still my biggest idol but i'm sorry, i decided to use this lay because it's more like a formal version and i don't wanna fool around anymore, i decided to blog for me and only for myself, no affiliates-related thing anymore so yeah, i'm so sorry >< i hope you don't hate me for this or anything.

second, i had removed and also hide my tagboard forever, now if you wanna contact me or whatever you can contact me through twitter nor formspring or just comment at my random posts.

third, i also deleted my affiliates section. but i still link you guys over here. so i guess that's not a changing or a problem :) i just wanna tell you guys.

so yeah!! i'm so sorry ~

hope you respect my decision, thank you so much.
from tomorrow i will only posts things about myself and myself only.

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  1. Yes, you may join the contest. :)

    Also, the link to your 'affies' page doesn't work.

  2. gee i'll fix it right away @___@

  3. Hi~ Sorry I don't comment recently. ^^ It's a good decision dear~ I linked your new link~