Nani mo tokubetsuna

today blog is so dead, no visitors, no people tagging in my tagboard. all have gone to school and do their daily things. i'm kinda bored.

tomorrow i'm going back to my hometown. all my friends call me to reunite with them or whatever. and they also want me to buy some goodies for them when i go home. yeah, like i has a lot of money.

so Richard is uploading photos of us yesterday now. he snapped me playing Rambo and holding guns though but looks like he's only uploaded few, and that photo has not been uploaded yet. well i think i has to wait

spam some photos now.

from the left top to left bottom (Richard, Christine, Didi, Benita, me)
hendra was taking pictures so he is not in this photos
WTF so hate this photos i was smiling like fugly and my big nose look even bigger with light effects

from front to behind (me, Benita, Didi)
my very shy looks
i don't even remember who took this.

i think that's all i have to rant, been online since i woke up now, and my hands feels very cold idk why.

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