my new year's eve

it happens around 5pm where my sis got home and his bf picked us up.
we were supposed to eat dimsum but when we are otw the traffic jam was soooo annoying so we decided to eat at KFC instead. i know, not so impressive for new year's eve right?
we're supposed to go to Ancol to see fireworks too, which became only walking non-destinationly. i admit, it was kinda boring. then we went back to KFC again because the mall is effing crowded too so we sit at KFC's front door chair. i miss Kevin so much, if only he could accompany me.
so we're sitting there, enjoying the wind. then unexpectedly fireworks happen to be there, the most prettiest fireworks ever. it's like covering the whole sky and the sound wooo, very bass loh, go through your chest.
so after new year we went to sis' bf house to see his cats, imagine, he has like 13 cats, or maybe more. i saw some of her female cats are pregnant though.
OMG that is heaven for me, you know? cats?
how great is that.
then what i really excited about is that when we're at the mall, there's kinda convo like this:

gema (sis' bf) : hey, where's the other veanzo? (me and kevin are so-called veanzo family LOL)
me : he's at semarang lah.
gema : why don't you go to semarang and visit him?
me : like yeah, my sis will approve.

then at that time sis was beside him so they kinda have a talk i don't really hear, but somehow i heard sis said "i dont forbid her going to semarang but i dont want her to go there alone"
soo, after few minutes of talking, sis said she has 3 days of holidays and she wanna take me to semarang with gema.
but for 3 days only, from today until 3 Jan.
OMG i was dfjdkfjasd;fhsadjgsdgfasdjkf ding ding happy alright!
finally after almost half a year not seeing him i get to see him again!
i thought i have to wait another half a year again to meet him because this new year he can't come to jakarta due ti his lack of budget and final term exam.
i was so happy ...

but idk, this plan is kinda fading now this morning.
i hope sis and gema didn't cancelled it..
i hope the plan still going on.
i really miss him, i do. Kevin's like my everything.
i don't wanna wait another half year to meet him.
i love him....
i cried you know last night, thinking bout how happy when i get to see him later.
i really hope this plan is not cancelled ..
dear God please help me, just this time.
please don't give me empty hope, only make me happy just for a few hours then dissapoint me in the end.

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