my ask/critic box response

okay so i woke up at 2pm this morning, and i went straight to online cause i wanna get a like button on my page. but till now, no results. D:
i used blogger like plugins before but it's not working, i mean it worked but the position and the padding and such is ruining my whole blog and i can do nothing about it because the CSS is from the main blogger itself so yeah D:
kinda depressed though cause i realize people don't really like clicking button that pop-ups and still have to wait for loading only for commenting. if only i can find out how to make a like button like it will be great :/

btw i am soooo happy! xD

my ask/critic box has already got messages already!

i got 2 messages only though =A=
come on you people, where are your participation!! D:<
haters, fakers, spammers, fans, friends, whatever people, come and click the damn green circle navigation and gimme some message! D:<

i know you guys have wanted to curse me or sent me love letters or whatever.
this is the time!
you got what you wanted, babe.
cause i am good to you all, even haters.
yeah ;D
i even let the form to accept anonymous messages just in case you guys are a holy cowards wtf =A=
am i too good or what?

so okay, i'm going to respond these 2 messages now! ;D
omg it's like responding fan letters or something like that lolol hahahahah xD
makes me get so excited wtf xD

The First One :

Name :

name censored due to privacy ;D
let's call you awesome

site URL :

woops, censored.

Okay, say or ask whatever you want here :D :

SUSANNNNNNNNNNN D; i really like your skin. could you make one for me D: OMGOMGOMG. sorry ): but i'm like in love :O with yours. Y R U SO CREATIVE?!

My response :

OMG nooooo D:
why people always say they like my skin? =A=
this is obviously an epic failure especially when it's viewed in IE! D:
but anyways i appreciate it a lot cause you like my skin xD
well i might consider making you one if i has time and inspiration in my mind ;D
just tell me what kind and what style you want me to make and im on with it.
this is just for her cause she's my partner slash best affies.

The Second One :

Name :

name censored due to privacy ;D
let's call you errmm.. quack? lololol

site URL :

BBEEP. censored, dude.

Okay, say or ask whatever you want here :D :

how did you get into blogging? i'm so interested :D keke!!

My response :

this is gonna be long.
stick if you still wanna read my damn boring histories lolol ;D
well, it started on 21 of August 2010. i still remembered.
i saw this blog of my facebook friends called Courtney.
and no she's not my friend and don't ask me anything about her cause she's just my another facebook unrecognized 'friend'. =A=
jeez i don't even know why people so excited looking at pretty people.
i mean there are already a lot in this world! D:< even boys can be pretty now, for example NongPoy.
in case you don't know anything about her, she's the prettiest drag queen ever in this world, living in Thailand.
well google yourself if you wanna know her more.
where was i?
oh, okay.

so i'm thinking "damn her blog is so freaking cute!"
is blog really can be like that?
i mean you can add the cute stuffs and such as much as you like?
if it really can, i wanna make one! i wanna make my own site, customize it with everything i want!
i wanna fill it up with a lot of my rantings and other shit that makes me damn freaking happy just by looking at it!
so i tried making one, with this URL called

yep, some of you guys must be know that site, cause i just changed it to this URL not long ago.
and yes that site is still active, only it's filled with relink button at tagboard only.
so yeah, first i use the blogger-template thingy that look really fugly.
i only know how to change the damn background, and arrange the widget at the sidebar.
then i started to post some nonsense, you can see it by clicking my archive but really, no need to. =___=
cos it can only humiliate me lolol.

so after posting a few posts i started to get excited and interested in this whole blogging thing.
i try to customize my newly blog exactly like Courtney's but i can't.
you know, sometimes there are some HTML that is not working in upgraded one so yeah.
i feel like a retard.
then i start to browse around my facebook friend's profile one by one searching for any blogspot website to become my reference and study.
i know, i sound like a loser, stalking poeple.
but you at least gotta do something to improve right?
and that's the only idea i can think of so yeah.
then i spotted this, and this.
oh, there's no link?
yeah, i forgot what's the URL. sorry.
cause it's not really mean that much to me. lololol
so yeah, their blog is cute too, and really girly too.
i was thinking that day "wtf WHY THEY CAN DO THAT WHYYY WHYYYY D: D: D:"
so yeah, kinda stressed out for a few days cause im thinking why i am the only one that can't do those things.

then one day.

when i browse around my college friends's profile facebooking as usual, i spotted this website.
it's my friend's blog, her name is Stella. it's so damn cute too.
then because she's one of my good ol' friend, she tells me all the dirty little secrets about blogging ;D
lol not exactly that dirty lah, i just wanna say it to make it look cool lolol.
so that's where i start to know
and finally has a pretty cute skins.
and learn HTML.
and others ;D

but i still don't have affies yet that time lolol.
i don't remember since when i start to know some blogger friends but yeah, look at today ;D
i have you guys.

*hugs hugs*

and then come the days when i care too much about my affies, and neglect my own life.
i never blog about my personal stuffs anymore and i only posts about affie, affie, and affies.
then i went fed up and wanna have a private blog.
but instead, i change my URL to

first i succeded to drive some visitors away but then still crowded so i make private for real and i kinda change my URL again to but i started to get a lil bit lonely seeing my site so dead.
so here we are here, at ;D
new look, new URL, new skin.
it's totally new environment here. i love it and i love the way it is now. ;D
i hope i won't get bored by what i have now again :/
cause im fed up already, always changing my skins and URL and others D:

well i think that's all for my history of blogging xD
do you even read what i wrote above, quack?
cause i know it is damn boring to read xD
but still, i had done my job to response you guys ;D

so come on, message me more more more D:
show your participation D:


btw what i post below gonna be private and personal, and i don't really recommend you guys to read it.
BUT STILL, if you guys are really kepoh and really really wanna read my post, comment your email and URL on this post for me to send the password. kays?

i love you guys.

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  1. omg i read the whole lot and wow :D so interesting ^^ anyways, gimmie password to the thingo :D


    i'll listen ;)

  2. hahas ty ty kitty :D

    omg that bad D: hmmm i wonder what he is thinking, he should really tell you what he is thinking because that's no right D:

    also the decision is hard too, because the two of them is important to you right? well i hope everything goes right for you :D

  3. i know right?! D: boys are always like that, they like to be angry but they dont wanna tell us what makes them mad.
    i hate it!

    yeah i hope i chose a right one :|

  4. thats why i'm not tod fond with dating them =_____= anyway, i'm sure you picked the right one :D

  5. kekeke but you will tho some day :'O
    lololol xD actually no im not ;___;