My name is Khan


rating : 5 stars

hello people. last sunday when i go shopping with my sis at Ambassador, my sis promised me to let me buy some DVDs to take back home to watch. i picked up some popular DVDs that i dont have a chance to watch before like Step Up 2, Vampire suck, Buried and Charie & the chocolate factory. i thought what i chose was all 5 star rated and fun to watch video.

but sis chose only one for herself. and the movie she chose, is this one.

the movie's name is "My Name Is Khan". you must be thinking "what the hell? judging from the cover, it must be the typical india movie that only sings and dance", right?
no, no, no, NO. you are absolutely wrong.

in fact, in this movie there are no any cheesy dancing and singing at all.
it's a story about a man who suffers from Asperger's Syndrome (some kind of a autistic disease) that complicates his socialization.
this movie era is when 9/11 happened.
and because he's a Muslim, he was mistaken as a terrorist and was arrested and treated unfaitly without any evidence that he is one.
then he's going on a journey to meet Mr.President just to say to president he is not a terrorist.
i know what i said just now sounds utterly boring and lame but trust me.

you know i suck bad at telling a story so skip my explanation and go buy one to see!

you ask me where can i find the DVD?
oh well just go to any DVD store and ask them for "My Name Is Khan" movie. :/
it's fucking impossible they don't have it cause it's a super awesome movie. :/

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