kungfu panda!

OMG i know you guys must be "what the, kungfu panda? it's like once upon a time ago!" right?
here, let me tell you a little story about my hometown called tanjung pinang. SIT!! oh you guys are sitting already in front of computer? great. now lemme start.

it is said that once upon a time, there was a little girl who was born in May of 1993 who was destined to be the greatest and the awesomest woman in this world. with her mighty hands that type in like 0.000001 seconds/1000words, she was destined to save the humungus virus that is going to destroy the world. with her strong power of typing, master CPU and harddisk has believed in her. Her name, is somehow called Susan Dwiasmorojati, read [Sue-sent Do-we-ass-mow-row-ja-tee].

what the hell, there's ass in my pronounciation of name, i just realized. oh well never mind, that's not the point. lol i was just making up a story there. lol inspired by kungfu panda. :P

oh yeah, speaking of kungfu panda, you guys must be still wondering right?
"why am i still reading this idiot article? she's like almost fooling around or just goofy. what a freak" or something like that. allright allright lemme tell you the reason why i discuss kungfu panda! :x

my hometown is just a small itsy bitsy town with nothing except a beach and there's even no big malls like carrefour or matahari or i don't know what name is big mall again what matter is there's no big mall there and obviously there are no cinema theater too so i've never watch kungfu panda ever before until TODAY. you happy now? feeling guilty ripping my heart? good. you should. cos i'm bleeding right now. in heart. :x well maybe not really bleeding. i was just exaggerating. but still offended! :x

no kidding. i'm good. LOL

so yeah i just realized how much kungfu panda is awesome film now.
some of their voice is by Angelina Jolie, Jackie Chan, and Lucy Liu! that makes me really amazed. and what's more it's hillarious! and and the end is unpredictable :D
i was like nooooooooooooo panda is the dragon warrior but hoooowww, with a belly that big as his. :D LOL
and and and, the dragon scroll. i can't believe it's blank! LOL i did laugh when i realize it's blank. so much people wanted to see that and it's BLANK??!! good one, i really didn't expect that too, really. lol

no wonder kungfu panda got so much good ratings from people!
lol i like the monkey, especially when i watched the sidestory about how monkey was accepted by master uguai :D
one sentence that made me laugh sooooooo hard non-stop from him, is when he talk to master uguai like this:
"if you win, then i am going to leave. but if you lose, you are the one who is going to leave, without your pants!" xD xD xD
lol i know what's sooo funny about that right?
his accent! i tell you! especially when he say the "without your pants" OMG OMG I REALLY DIED. hahahaha xD xD

okay i think that's all? oh yeah btw i wanna tell you what happened today too :3
i've went to Central Park with sis to accompany her briefing about a photoshoot she and her crew are going to make which i can't tell what's the theme yet cos it's a major secret until the photos are published on facebook which i must admit the briefing is ssssuupppperrrr boring cos idk all the people there except tiiqa, and guess what i went silent the whoooole briefing which is about two hours or more of time. :x guess how am i going to go crazy that time. silent for two hours. like KFJLKFGKLDFGAKFGKLASDJFKLAJDFKL totally not cool. :x

then after that we went window shopping and i wanted to buy tea tree toner and tea tree oil at the body shop but fucking toner was empty that time so no buying. :x how pek chek i am that time you know what i'm saying? oh yeah, i also bought yellow and green nail polish too but forget about that. they made me so furious. i mean why not? green one is waaaayyyy too sticky and yellow one is waaaayyyy too watery so you have like two total failed nail polish at home. and you just bought it. shit. idk what am i going to deal with them later. *mumble mumble*

then tomorrow i think imma go to Mangga Dua to go shopping again with sis cos Lunar New year is coming like thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis close already. :D

sis promised me if i goy IP 3++ she gonna buy me a meal. ;D
i wanna see when she's going to keep her promise.
but month expenses is low already now. :|
last time when we went to semarang we spend like 1 million ++.
i think for me it's totally worth it cos i have the chance to meet Kevin but yeah that's not my blood and sweat money so i'm not the one who's hurting. :|

so uh i think that's really all?
tomorrow idk if i wanna dye my hair or not.
i wanna dye my hair like total red like hayley? or the bob hair one at 2NE1?
but idk if it suits me or not. you know, red?
that's kinda bold. and you are going to like take the biggest risk.
you still don't know how it will look like in my head.
if you dye and look good, well good for you then.
but what if it's not? you're gonna facing like 1 year of humiliation and critic from others which saying my hair looks like crap which i know already even if they don't tell me.
so what do i choose, people?

i want red hair like, soooo much. ;(

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