just watched 3 movies and 1 trailers in a row, the great debaters, UP, and RrrrR!. kungfu panda is the trailer. why i watch only the trailer? because Gema sucks. :@
he copied wrong. LOL. but thanks anyway for cheering up my another boring holidays.

Kevin and his family are so awesome. i can't believe he told his Mom about me going to Semarang to visit him and not get scolded about it!
i guess i already got 100% approval from his family, now, huh?
LOL. i can't wait to be their part of family. hope my family can be that awesome too. :(
unfortunately, my family don't. especially when i still have my mom around.

i ate 3 times today! :O
it's so not right but in a weird way it's kinda right too!
idk, idk this is supposed to be good or not.
i eat 3 times today because i didn't sleep last night so i can be awake in the morning and eat.
lol that sound weird, isn't it. :/

Kevin said if we had a baby the baby would look cute because of me :3
well i say not cos if the baby's cute that gonna be from him ;P

LOL myx i hope you're not nauseous reading this.
i set private cos yeah imma post a lot of this kind of stuff :D

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