it's 4 am over here at Jakarta.
it's almost morning but i'm still here, staring the monitor wearing contact lenses, because my glasses gone somewhere else i don't know.
god i need to find it. or else my eyes will be hurt or maybe dead because of me wearing lenses for hours.
i'm still hugging pus2. i think for the next month of holidays imma hug her for like everyday.
i love her. idk it's because of the fur or because it's from Kevin.
fur or Kevin, i like it pokoknya.

i set this blog private. i can't really post something private when my blog is seen by millions of people!
kay maybe not until millions but at least there's people seeing lah.
the reason i still post with English is because i wanna improve my English. but later i will post something using Indonesian lah if im not in the mood Englishing.
hhhmm i think this will be my online diary, since i like to go online rather than write i think imma use this blog as a advantage of me becoming this as an online diary :)

im tumblring right now. tumblr has soo much pic that's funny and match our daily life story. LOL
what's more you can post pic how much you like. lol that's what people do, though.

im craving for bakso near the alleys to alfamart.
it's very delicous. and im hungry right now.
i think after i post this imma take off my lenses and go to sleep, although im not going to sleep though because i had sleep in that morning for like idk, from 9am to 6am.

meeting Kevin is still like a dream to me.
i can't imagine imma meet him half a year later again after this.
im gonna be soooo missing him,
he's my lover, he's my husband. no matter what happens, he will.

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