i'm going out.

wadup peopleeeeeeeeeee
LOLOL these emoticons are so cute.

btw after months of staying at home becoming a computer freak, i finally going out tomorrow, leaving my computer alone =A=
lol it's not like i wanna go out or what, but i have to.
my exam score is printed already, and i have to take it at campus.
it's a long way to campus from my house, and i have to use the busway.

the busway i've been talking about in my past past posts.


i have to face the cruel busway with crowded people again, and that's very unhealthy for meeee (exaggerate) and tireeed (tired is reality though =A=) D;

so i decided, since i'm going to campus tomorrow, i might as well go somewhere until night comes, then i go home. i don't know, maybe mall, or something, finding clothes for chinese new year, or something
(uhh, yeah, my sis also is nagging me already, why wont i shop clothes for myself and have to wait her first, kinda forced to go out, really )

so YES, i'm going out tomorrow until night, so this blog will be abandoned for a day

kay, i think that's all.
oh oh and i've added a hug button below my every post ~
clickidie click okay?

P.S : btw wanna know how my face look like everytime i stare computer and go online ?


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  1. You've got smileys already! It's great, they are so cute neh??
    I love the pink emoticon!! ♥♥

  2. lol xD yea.. i add it myself using noobish trick , by copying html and then paste it :/

    i know right? :D

    i love the orange one :D

  3. I really love the pink one ♥ haha
    you got a new layout again huh I like the stellar effect♥

  4. lol then take it i dont mind :3

    lol yeah i liek to change my lay frequently :'O

    whats a stellar? :D?