i'm going home!

yosh! i know i'm not supposed to blog at this time, it's like 4 am in the morning but i really can't sleep!

i'm going back to my hometown today!

i'm so excited. already done packing up, now it's to wait the morning to come, take a cold fresh shower and go to the airport <3
hope i got to my hometown safely, i can't wait to meet my besties and eat all the food there, i miss all the food in my hometown xD xD

just now i kinda got some problem with the locker for my baggage. i forgot what's the password; i remember but it won't open up ;__;
it got 3 digits on it.
i tried a zillion times but it's like won't open or something. so i decided to try the password from number 001 to 999. kinda took a lot of minutes to count t5hough and i'm already like "ASHFJKSAHFASHDFSHF BLAAARRHHH" and my sis went to sleep already, can't stand the tireness lol.
then after few minutes when i count to 406 it opened xD
i was like "YYYYEAAAAAHHHH BABYY!!!!!!" and took the locker highly at the air. my sis was already like "WTF >__>" LOLOL XD XD

the password is 406 when the press button is on the right side but it's 159 when the press button is on the left side, taje note, just in case i forgot again.

lol gotta have some little nap now, and gonna get ready for the flight <3

not going to open this blog till i have time to update again ~

P.S FOR LISA : i think you gotta see this blog [link]

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  1. I won't try 001 till 999~ Hehe, I kinda easily give up on things~ ^^

  2. kekekek xD
    actually i dont really wanna count from 001 too but i hv no choice cos it cant be reset and i already wanna use it so :/