holidays turned into disaster.


i gotta thank Julie for this. she's the awesome one who made this banner :D oh you should request one of these too. her link is OVER HERE.

jeez. i can't believe holiday can be so boring. i mean first, i though i can be lazy all the time and like online for 24 hours without being scold, then i can hang out with my friends and stuff. but somehow reality is not as wonderful as it seems. :/
first my pimple increasingly grow a lot at my face. i don't know what caused it but it's making my face look like incredibly fugly shit.
second, my internet has been so slow for like half months and i gone really mad cos my only entertainment is that. i mean, you can contact with your affies and such, how is that not going to bother you?
third, all my friends are going home yet i still have to be at jakarta and be forever alone.
fourth, i was supposed to be hanging out everyday now, IF ONLY I HAS A BIKE. which it will never happen cos sis said i am not allowed t use bike at jakarta.
how great is that. :|
fifth, I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT SHOULD I BLOG! i mean look at my last post and last last post! what does it even discuss!

the only thing that's great about this holiday is that i get to save my money a lot and i don't have to use another sickening busway that has like zillion crowds inside it.
jeez. i thought if i dont have any entertainment i could supposed to learn javascript and doing some skins but look.
not even any. =___=

watch more movie? please. i was like watching 10++ movie in a row already. kungfu panda, my name is khan, vampire suck, buroed, detroi of metal city, and others..
i even sick of telling people what movie is recommended T____T
gee. holiday sucks. i wanna go to college. meet my friends, or go home, drink at sa i's kopitiam and eat mr' Mul's bakso ceker D;
i miss my friends. especially pinge, ddeg.

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  1. omg i know how you feel, i would rather be at school than on my laptop all day D; and ty ty for advertising my blog :D LOL

  2. yeah i know right? we're totally on the same boat =___=
    LOLOL no problem ;D
    your blog is worth promoting for :D

  3. holiday = money gone XD
    owh well.. i will still blogging..
    it's just somtimes i don't get the chance to reply tags -..-
    well.. you can contact my phone sometimes:

  4. eh not for me sherley D:
    cos i stay at home alot when im on holidays ~
    hees okay ;D