here is my another daily life stories.
finally i got the answer of "can toothpaste cure pimples?".

the answer is exact no-no.

you see, last 2 nights i tried to use toothpaste to cure my pimple, cause i've read articles in some random websites that toothpaste can somewhat cure your pimples. well at least not cure it completely, but make it better looking lah, not that reddish on your face.

but guess what?
total fail. so wrong. fuck those who sais toothpaste can cure pimple thing.

my face ended up filled by a lot of red pimples caused by toothpaste-night-cream wtf.
it's a total wreck for my precious face nooo. D:
*sob sob*

so embarrasing though cause after night-creaming using toothpaste the next day i have to go shopping with my sis. so you can imagine how myself going shopping with very red pimple on my face. fuck. so humiliating =A=

so yeah, today i went shopping with my sis at Mangga dua. it was soooooo effing crowded wtf i can't even walk and all the shops there are super small so liek it's full already even just a few people inside it. so i kinda walk 2 floors looking at clothes with sis. first we both bought 2 face mask, for closing our mouth at road when there's a bajaj cos, you know. bajaj. we bought it at Cindy Shop.

here is my mask.
looking so effing cute lolol
ahh yea i'm in a taxi and i'm super tired so that explained my messy hair isn't it?

just took the picture just now when im blogging lol so pardon for the effing background.
sis bough a pink cow furry mask D:
don't like sis, don't liek.

lol after that we straight ahead to window shop and real shopping ~
oh sis also had ordered my ruby red contact lenses too weeee xD
can't wait for my lenses to come and show it off to public fufufufu ~

after that sis bought herself a nice white blouse with a blue bow in front of it.
i don't really liek it tho =A=

then we both bough a nice turquoise and orange cardigan for both ourselves. i'm the orange one.

after that it's afternoon already and i'm like fucking hungry so we try to find a place to eat ~
that's not hard to find though.
what's hard is finding a place to eat WITHOUT crowded ppl.
i mean there are a lot of place to eat, but all are full full and no table to sit anymore wtf.
u can imaginbe how crowded already right?
im liek soooo drowning in crowds you know when im walking lol

after that it's around 3 pm already.
we are kinda fed up with the crowds so we decided to went straight to Ambassador to get our hair done <3 <3
i love this part LOL
so when we went there and we went straight to Johny Andrean ~
who knows that sis also want to dye hair lol =A=
so we both dye our hair and we both chose the same colour, mahogany light brown or what the fuck the name is.
and here is my result ~


(picture above with my mask)


(sorry for the censored mouth, my mouth was looking liek this in photo ----> o3o
i don't wanna ruin the perfect hair i've snapped lol)
kawaii right? i feel liek i'm one of the 2NE1's member that has the red bob hair one idk what her name is lol

all i wanna say is, i love my hair <3 <3
i don't wanna change it lol >:D
ready to flaunt it later when i go home lololol
oh yeah 1 week till i go home <3
count with me ~

P.S : yes, Kevin is angry because i wanna dye my hair, paranoid as usual =A=
but i've convinnced him already and now everything it's okay :3

heehees ~
and tomorrow i wanna go to Kelapa Gading for shopping again ~
and i wanna buy some treatments at THEFACESHOP for my irritated pimples wtf =3=

and now, it's time to sleep ~
thatha bloggie ^//3//^

and oh yes, done watching K-ON season 1 ~
can't wait for season 2 ~
oh Gema please gimme season 2 data faster D:

and and i forgot to tell you also.
Kevin's not going to come Jakarta anymore, it's final. He dont want to come cos his uncle is petty.
Oh well. dissapointed = yes. but what can i do?
decision is his.

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    I'm sure the red color would fade pretty soon.. I also tried once >> using lipstick.. my friend adviced it, it worked for her, so I tried it.. but my pimples became dark brown instead =( Though it faded quickly..

  2. ^^ cute hair, i love it especially the fringe~

  3. that mask looks cool^^, buy me one?^^p in that last picture with scribbles on your mouth were you wearing doll contacts? whoa! red contacts? i'll bet you'll look like those vampires from eclipse and red will also match with valentines next month and mine wont because I've got hazel green eyes:]

  4. can i borrow it :D huh? pretty??

    and please, if you'll dye your hair, i'll convince my domo too :P he might not agree :(

  5. Thank you so much for your kind comment! Your blog is so cute! ^__^

  6. good luck with your upcoming contacts so when are they actually coming in your eyes?

  7. Really very cute.. yeah lipstick..
    Didn't end great though..

  8. LOL! While having lipstick on the face, I pretty much looked like I have chicken pox. haha, and my brothers would constantly laugh at me at those times!~

  9. omgggg i love your new hairstyle. and your eyes! so big, it's just too cute <33333