happy news always comes last

finally, my dream came true.
i went to Semarang last 1 Jan, where i took almost the longest trip of my life ever.
we bought ticket at pasar senen, where almost all of the people there smoke. wtf.
i hate smoke.
then we got on a train which i never experience before.
it was soo dirty and old.
LOL i somehoe became paranoid i imagine the train will crash or whatever but thatnk God it didn't.
almost 10 hours we took the trip to Semarang. LOL
i was so excited i can't sleep at all at the train.
then it happened.
when i got there i immediately contact him.
semarang is such a beautiful city.
lots of ancient building there.
then, i met him.
the man of my life.
he was sooooo... idk. handsome. charming.
i am soooo uncontrollably happy. i can't keep my smile off that time.
we spend whole day together, i am sooo happy.
i saw his place, i went to his campus, and i ate the most delicious nasi ayam ever xD
and the thing there is very cheap too.
but unfortunately, we can only spend for 1 day.
i admit i cried a lot during my otw home, but at least i had met him.
he is soo thin ;(
why you no eat, honey.
he promised me to have 60kg half a year later.
wait till you half a year later la.
if you still like this i will punish you for sure >:(
he bought me a cat plushie <3
i named her pus2.
lol idk other name, and also that name is given by him so yeah.
i wish i could meet him again.
spend my entire time and life with him.

btw i've been offline for 2 days.
came back and see facebook, i only can see her statuses, insulting people.
makes me remember of how she had treated me last time when we're arguing.
if you claim to be my bestfriend you wouldn't have said something to me like that at the public.
somehow i become hate you.
i will stay away from you from now on, i promise my self.
and our 2 other bestfriend too.
they had been contaminated by you.
i am tired being your friend already.
you got no good point i realize, you two-faced.

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