Formspring questions

i kinda checked my formspring just now and i saw a lot of questions about my blog, here are my answers.

Erm. Can you summit this blogskin? It's nice. -by Anonymous
lol im still using it D: and what's more the basecodes it's not made by me, it's made by kharnyee so i can't submit it. sorry whoever you are x(

your last name is hard to spell or say if seen for first time, does other ppl like ur teacher have trouble pronouncing it? -by Anonymous
lol :D
yeah it's hard cause it's in Javanese ~
sometimes they have problems pronouncing it but sometimes they don't.
It depends :)

YOU ARE A GENIUSSS! -by Anonymous
XD thank you whoever you are :3 (i think i know who this is)

love ur simple blog! <3 -by Anonymous
aaawwww thank you :'D i wish you could put down your name so i know who you are.

where do u come from ?? -by Arisardinus
Tanjung pinang, Indonesia :) it's written clearly in my profile section. why?

if you wanna ask me something too you can ask me at the contact section over at formspring :3

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