dead beat!

hullo guys, just got back home from shopping, i bought 2 dresses today for Chinese New Year later at 3 February D;
i'm not going to post my clothes' pic at here though, cause no one can see it till it's new year ;D
me and sis was planning to buy 1 dresses, 3 shirts and 3 trousers tho! but we don't have much time. the night came already when we just started to have fun =A=
so yeah, done replying all the tags and updates, i think that's all. ;D
not going to be a long post ~

btw i got a message again from my ask/critic box, here it is:

Name :

site URL :

Okay, say or ask whatever you want here :D :
Ohmigod!! I loved your story! it was so good!! ^_^ I'm going to post it in my blog right now! ;)

My Response :
Thank you dear one! im so glad you liked it! ;D
im looking forward to see my story in your post though ;D

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