cooling my mind off phew

nothing had really happened in my life. no problems, no adventures, no fun, nothing. everyday just sitting in front of computer online. what a shitty holidays.

last time me and Kevin fight again. but it's okay already now. and then this afternoon we chat through phone, then he said . way to make people feel broken hearted huh, boy. i know at first you never liked me dye my hair but can you at least not say something so awful? i'm a girl too and i wanna be respected, okay? then he said i have to take the consequences after i do something, which means i have to accept every opinions from ppl about how my hair look now. but come one, please. you're my number one most important person. and all your words mean so much to me. can you at least say something a bit nicer although you don't like it? jesus.

then after that we kinda have a fight and we both cried on the phone. and we made up. he ask me to think wisely and i told him to be more careful using words. he said okay. then everything went smooth. it's okay now.

all my college friends are going to Pulau Tidung today. feel like a total shit cause i can't go and at the same time Kevin didn't come to Jakarta too so everything i decided went useless. well never mind lah. so what. tomorrow imma go to timezone to play with my college friends who also didn't go to Tidung so that doesn't really make me feel like a total shit.

layout changed, graphic site updated, and i got my first SOTD. thank you so much. ratings are all appreciated :')

and i also got gifts from my hun-hun Lmyx. she's soo, idk how to say. all i wanna say is i love her so much! xD YOU HAVE TO VISIT HER OR ELSE I SNAP ALL YOUR NAILS OFF.

what a clever girl i can't even doodle that lol<3

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  1. hun, i wanna learn that censored (password) thingy :D

  2. already sent to your tagtag :3

  3. sucks that sometimes people doesnt say or choose the right words.. darn.. But then, I dont let every guy to say something mean. I would rather breakup with them than be with an asshole.. But its good that you guys are okay now.. Your timezone plan seems kinda cool.. haha

    your layout looks nice.. I love it