coding isn't easy after all.

uuhhhh. i hate how blog has conquered my entire life.
it's like an addictive drug, you know what i mean?
no, not for the writing and stuff. but for the customizing thing for your blog, and how you want your blog to be the prettiest among others.. yeah something like that.
everyone wants a pretty blog. even me.
well i don't really want to have the prettiest blog in the world and i know it will never happen but yeah at least i want it to be neat and unique.

one of the blogs that i find it unique and i quite admire is Anna May. yeah. besides her pretty awesome name, she codes impressively and she knows how to work those colour for her blog. and she's quite pretty too, i must say. :/
very talented person for a very young age like her. five star i must give. :)

other than Anna, there are also many many of the bloggers i find smart too.
like wanjing, for example. well, she don't do much colours like Anna do. she codes plain blogs a lot but i must say she her plain codes are just plain awesome. she uses lots of codes that no other bloggers had ever use. oh and what's the most important? she's not cocky although she codes a lot of awesome skins ;D
that's why she's one of my favourites too. :)
our graphic site's skin Special Pour Vous is made by her. do check it out. it's awesome. ;)

sooo yeah. there are a lot of blogger who codes awesomely. and me, as one of those bloggers who update my blog a lot, of course wanna be as cool as them too.
but mehh.. i don't think i can :/
you know, i have made some of my blogskins before myself. but you know? sometimes coding makes me stressed out. you have to type it all by yourself and those CSS for blog, you have to know it all.
and sometimes, just because a liiiil single mistake at codeing could ruin all of your hardwork codes, for example you forgot to close your divs. you know what i mean?

so yeah. coding is not as easy as i think after all. :/

just now i wanna make a navigational skin for myself. but after a few hours of learning what's on.Mouse out and on.Click is, i still can't figure it out how it work. D;
FML muuuuccchhh.
there's no one i could ask here, there's no any awesome bloggers friends who knows how to code, and i have to like browse and download a lot of skins from for reference and study. but still?
zero. T____T

so yeah, i kinda gave up already coding the skins that is haunting my mind right now cause i still can't figure out how navigations css work and my head already ache like it's wanna explode already.
if there's somebody who are unbelievably kind out there and wanna teach me how to make navigation code i would really appreciate it. T___T
but you know. ppfftt. peple these days. :/

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