challenge accepted: fortunate, fun, camera

yesterday i request a story to Tharangni that's made from three words: complicated, girl, and colour. She did quite well! her story is very interesting to read ;D

wanna read her story?

heehee i kinda hide it cause it's gonna be long if i didn't hide it ;D
so i told her she can request three words to me to for a short story. here's what she had requested:

  1. fortunate
  2. fun
  3. camera

hees i wanna write it now sweety ;D
pardon if there's some grammar or words that's wrong cos my English is not as good as yours D:
repost it and link me back okay?

The Sweetest Christmas Gift

It's kinda unexpected if you think back again about what happened last christmas.
it's a very dissapointing year, so i thought the christmas would be very much dissapointing too.
no gifts from my parents, no happy dinner, no christmas tree..
because my family's financial is not that good; my dad just resigned himself, so i didn't expect much in that one-day christmas. but who know what will happen, right?
i mean nothing is impossible.

then, the miracle happens.

just when i thought the worst are going to come, santa claus give me the best christmas gift ever!

my parents both saved their money and bought a DSLR camera for me!

i burst into tears, i hugged my mom immediately once i saw the lovely gift that i had ever wished for.
and then, that seconds, i realize although my family don't have that much money, i still am the most fortunate children in the world.

i hug that camera, and i started clicking the snap button repeatedly.
since then, my life has never been more fun.


how is my story, dear? :D
i know, lousy much, right? =___=
im a noob at making stories, i think i should learn more from you. you are a pro D:
well i think that's all for now :D
gotta post later on ~

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  1. omg your story is so good :D your english is hell awesome ;)

  2. LOL i'm not :O! it's the truth, what are you talking about Susan :D

  3. Ohmigod! i loved this story! it is so good and ...warm! ^_^

  4. naaaaaww thankies! :3
    im glad you like it!