can you handle me?

i'm so excited. tomorrow is saturday already, and i'm going to have another shopping weekend with her.

only the difference tomorrow is, i'm going to dye my hair!!

how cool is that, i'm so excited.
hope the plan's not going to be cancelled though. i hate that.

i'm going to have red contact lenses too, my sis already asking the seller further info about the contact lens xD

it's not that an anime kind of lenses, it's an ordinary one, only it's red.
cool, right?
i'm gonna spam a lot of pictures when i have those too.
hope my hair turned out great though. :(

i woke up at 11 am today. another wasted holiday. done nothing except blogging wtf. it's been 1month im liek this. feel liek a nonsense. =__=
it's raining today. feel so cold and comfy though.

oh btw last night i've used toothpaste as a night cream. last time i read at some article toothpaste can somehow cure your pimples xD
but sounds stupid though.
i don't even know why i try =__=

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