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tomorrow i'm going to have a big day. i'm going to have a war with tons of other college students.
im going to fight for my college class tomorrow, and i have to fill class form online tomorrow and fast or else it will be taken by other students and i will not have a class. so yeah, i have to fight!

dang, i'm really afraid though. cause everytime there's something like this i'm always got left behind. what is fucking wrong with me? i don't fucking know. don't fucking ask me. i fucking hate it too.

all i know is tomorrow, i really have to fight. ganbate!

hope i can get my class. and i hope my friends can get it too so we can be together.

ngisi KRRS goblok. kenapa sih arus ngisi klas kek gini. kenapa gak ngikutin jadwal semester dulu aja sih. bikin orang susah dan kawatir aja.

Kevin won't talk to me although i talk to him already even if it's not my fault.
he's also sick.
i don't know if he really don't want to talk to me or he really is sick.
all i know is, i can't sleep with us arguing like this and i can't even put my mind on peace.
he's like my everything.

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  1. Absolutely love the hair of the girl in the banner ♥♥
    You know how to do it or something? XD

  2. ahh.. I just love the hair, so freakin gorgeous!!!