another boring holiday filled my life today.
nothing big really happened.
today is 5 January already, so i have to pay my college fee to a bank.
because BCA, my bank cannot transfer directly top college bank, BNI, i have to find BNI bank around my house which sibeh sien cos i am still not really used to living there and still don't know roads and places there.
if only my bank can transfer straight to college bank i wouldn't have to walk around my place to find a bank wa. :/
what a nuisance.

so i was like going to my banks ATM to withdraw my college money which is 6 million rupiah.
i withdraw withdraw, then shit i realize one day can only withdraw 5 million :@
WTH, another million have to withdraw tomorrow.
shit so fucking annoying right? i know!
sooo i was like "AARRGGHH" and i only withdraw 5 millions today and deposit 5 millions only to my college bank. then tomorrow continue deposit another 1 million.
fuck lah, make me tired niah.

after that i watch Red Cliff loh. it's a film about war between Cao Cao and Zhou Yu with Kong Ming in Zhou Yu's side. Kong Ming is so clever, he used weather predictions to set war strategy. and Kong Ming's character also very handsome. :3 LOL idk what's his name, i forgot.

so yeah it's very fun too watch loh. you don't know how the end would become so it made you watch till the end.
the beginning of the film is boring, though.

BTW, i've texted Kevin the whole day today.
he is havng exam today, first day of the exam.
i wish him luck. :3
i already dare him to have higher exam scpre than me though.
if he loses, hahaha. >:D
only me knows the punishment.
even he don't know.

he said after i went to Semarang all his colege friends went so heboh.
always ask him "is that girl yesterday your gf?" and other stuff and always cheering Kevin.
lol looks like Kevin's kinda popular around Semarang huh. :/
he said girls over there kinda have interest with him. :(
first i was kinda sad, afraid someday i might lose him to some bitches.
but lol thank God, i got a really loyal boyfriend here. :')
he still wuth me no matter what.
i love him to death.

then he also said to me "you know? many of my friends are inspired by you and our relationship. you only came here half a day after that went home just to see me. everyone is supporting our relayionship now, and everytime i was approached by a girl, my friend said "beware ah, Kevin already got his Mami liao" " :')
OMG i am soooo happy.
i am cherished. i love you more than anybody do. maybe even your Mom? lol idk.
the thing is i love you and i wanna marry you.

2109 eternally.

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