3 days till CNY

i can't wait for chinese new year to come. clothes bought, cakes and beverage (yum!) bought, cats fed (err :D) and house cleaned! now to wait the days to come <3

mom bought me a super drop dead gorgeous heels and i totally love it! too bad i can't show you yet cause it's not CNY yet and i can't show you guys any of my new stuffs till cny ;D

so yeah, im going to be busy these 3 days. but i will keep up with you guys as much as possible.

keep tagging okay? i love you guys!

oh yeah and for the prev post :/
i deleted it cause too much F word.
still, someday i will tell you guys what had happened yesterday <3

kthx bye my bro's pestering me now

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  1. I wanna see your new heels hun! :D im jealous :(

  2. be patient hun, sooner or later in going to post it ;D