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"i was stuck in the middle of the people i love the most."

this post is a bit sensitive and private to me, so yeah. i recommend you guys better not read it cos it's my business.
you ask why i post it here if i don't want people to read it? well, it's my blog. what do you wanna do if i post it here?

just now i was webcaming with him. we were happy until mom phoned me when i was webcaming. she asked me how am i doing here. and she asked my sis. well i said i am fine and sis is going out to her friends house.
then she started to ask me those question again.
"pimi or chin?"* (well, actually the real word is not pimi and chin but i have to change it because it's sensitive and maybe offending some people who read it)
and i said chin ..
then she started to say something like don't be an animal, be a good person, open your eyes wider, and don't get near those pimis and blablabla.

that time i was webcaming with him, i repeat.
and he's a pimi.
so obviously mom was saying about him, and she knew i was dating him so she said something like that.

my heart was ripped into pieces.

after mom hung up the phone i was like totally not in the mood anymore to webcaming. so he asked me what's wrong and told me to tell him what mom said. i already said i don't wanna tell him, but he insists. so i tell him all about it.
i said i can't live like this. i love him and i wanna live with him forever but not if my mom totally dissapprove it.
he said he knew this was coming and he said he'll wait for miracles to come.
i said the miracles are only 3% or less.

he was like angry and then he signed out after that.
he said he already knew i'll totally choose my mom than him.

i'm heartbroken.
why can't he understand?
i didn't choose mom, and i didn't choose him either.
i want this relationship keep on going WITH my mom's approval which is impossible!
why can't he understand?

and mom.
why can't mom get over all of the past she went through?
not all pimis are like what she imagine.
and i know she will never understand that just because of her unforgettable psat and stupid chins at pinang who always look down pimis like they're trash.

that's why i never like living in pinang.
why those chins never understand that pimis and chins are all the same?
we are all the same.
same blood, same bones, same living place.
so please don't look down on pimis, okay?
i hate it so much.

so yeah, idk now.
mom's now are very sensitive to me if i play with pimis and he's angry with me and our relationship are at risk.
everything is great now.
i really wanna, just, slit my wrist and die off.
then mom and him will never bothers me with those problem anymore.

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"i never liked the crowds. i never do."

yes, you can say, i hate the crowds. i never liked going out to concert or party or whatever. maybe because the chaos, or maybe something related to my self-esteem. yeah.

my self-esteem.

you can say i am very unconfident about myself, especially with my pimples which make me look like a shit walking down the street.
it seems like my pimples offend a lot of people.
idk why, but a lot of people who saw my pimples were like "omg! u got so many pimples!" or something like that.

last time when i use busway to go somewhere i met a lot of guys like, when they're in busway they're looking at me like imma something weird or what.
then when i was walking to another shelter and walk pass them, one of the boy was like "hahahaha ooowww!!!!" and etc, i didn't hear what he said again, but i heard slightly he said something like, "pimples" and "many".

that definitely kills my self-esteem to the bottom although the boys face looks like my granny's asshole.

well, uh, sorry if my pimple hurt your eyes.

but just for your info, i didn't want all this too, okay? so please just shut up.
i know you guys don't got any pimples and y'all faces are as smooth as egg but please respect me too!
imma human too, okay?
okay, maybe my profile says imma alien but that doesn't mean i refer to my pimples too, okay?
so just shut your fucking mouth up.

so, yeah. overall, i just wanna say that i really, really, hate, crowds.

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"let me fill each part of your heart with my love, baby" :)

you are the one, i know you are.
although everybody's saying "you and him are never be together" and so many people dislike and dissaprove our little romance, but well, fuck them. i know we will be forever.
i cherish every single time and day with you cause i feel happiness and warmness from you.
baby, i love you. i do.

i would do anything just to be with you.
well, i don't care if somebody's saying i'm cheesy or to naive or what.
i want you. and i have to because i want to.

so many tears, so many laughter, so many feelings and memories have been inti this relationship. although it's only like a year. and people say it's just like a tiny simple relationship that can end easily. i feel like forever. i feel happy, and i feel like the happiest girl in this world.

baby, i hope we can be together like, forever till we die.
i really love you :(

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"please let me have what i want!"

taraa ~
as i said before, i will change my skin cos i'm fed up with the previous one and the back ground is black.
and this is it! white background with a lot of icon splash :D
well, i like though, i do. but somehow there's a few things which i changed it a little, so yeah. here it is :)
everything's prefect though, until i make the back to the top button to scroll.

fuck, it don't wanna scroll, like, it's not working.

i am already like dkfjsdlkjsdkflksdfjKSDFJLKSDFJLKSDFJ aaarrrggghhh :(

i hate it when this happens.
everything is perfect until something happens and screw up everything.
i feel liek wanna cry ;(
hate it.

hope i can find the root of te problem soon and fix everything.

today was supposed to be my special day with kevin too.
cos today we wanna like webcaming and play games together.
but the internet today was like shit, and my webcam is not working.

and he's mad at me.

so we didn't talk until now.
well, it ain't my fault, right?
don't blame me, okay!
i don't want this to happen too!
FML ;(

and what's making this day a whole lot worser?
i don't have money left so i just eat one meal today and tha meal is also noodles.
and the water supplies is empty too.
so i was like suffering todayyyy.... ;(( ;((
and sis hasn't come back from her show.
so yeah. idk..

maybe i'll consider this one of my worst day of my life?

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omg just woke upppppp T^T
soo late, i slept too much T^T
hahahaha bopiang lah, last night i went to senayan city with sis and her friend Lola mah. we were looking shoes for like 3 hours or more ah. and then only buy one shoes. :D tsk tsk tsk. women are so dangerous especially when shopping.
well, and you guessed it. i don't like tha whole shopping section and just sitting on a random chair i could found at the mall T^T hahaha. but some shoes are cute for me though :> just still not soulmates so yeah. no buy.

after shopping we went to mangga besar to find some food. you see, mall's food court is closed already so we have to find another place outside the mall to eat. and you know what, senayan city and mangga besar is wwwwwwwaaaaayyyyyyy far. thank god we use taxi and it's NOT DAYTIME. lol. or imma get traffic jam to death.

Lola suggest us to eat congee at Kamseeng Restaurant. she said the congee there are delicious. woaahh i'm okay to everything already lah. that time i was soo hungry i could eat anything. om nom nom :D lol. but when she said the congee there are delicious i still doubt it though. cos till now i didn't found any delicious food in Jakarta.
When we order food the menu is like wooaahhh, so many ah. me and sis are confused very mych and took like 30 min or more to order food. lol the waitress is patient tho xD

and i was wrong about the whole not delicious thing.

it was superb ! xD
wow lol. i really didn't expect it. it was super delicious. especially the cakue and the soy sauce chilli. omagah it felt like home, you know. i'm not exaggerate. it really is. everything tastes so perfect. lol
too bad i didn't snap some photos of the congee. my phone was dead that time. then what's worse. i was arguing with kevin about self-esteem. lol. but now it's okay already. don't worry :P

so overall, me, sis and Lola had a lot of fun last night at Kamseeng. we were like eating food for like 6 person's meal. 6 portion. seriusly. lol hard seeing other people who ate just a lil while us eating like a cow. lol.

and soo, when i got home, i was dead. sleeping and went to dreamland instantly.

forgive me for tha awfully english, okay.
i was lazy to use proper english so yeah, singlish ftw.
i think singlish is still more better than this wa. lol.
whatever lah.
if you guys didn't understand or like it i might consider using Indonesian next time. :)
Ciao ~

P.S : oh, og, looks like today imma post alot in this blog! just wait and see :D but if i don't nvm yeah :D

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"the sky isn't blue. isn't blue when i'm with you" :)

just phoning with him :) i'm so happy. happy with him. 4 days more and it's our 1 year 1 monthsary. it's been so long i'm with him. so many memories were written inside our hearts :)
when i think of all the things that happened for this one year, i realize, i whine too much. there's soo many good memories when i'm with him yet i only remember the bad ones. i'm so evil. i shouldn't make you look bad. i'm sorry my bee :(

actually people, i love him. i love him so much. i love him a ton. he's my inspiration. he's my bee. he's my life. and i can't do anything but to admit that i can't live without him. i just can't. he maybe just one year accompanies my life, but i feel this one year is more meaningful than my other 16 years. i love him, i need him. sorry people this article is sooo cheesy :D

i just can't bear it but to speak it out and let people read.

To: Kevin

I just cant find the way
To express my love for you
You are just amazing
In everything you do

The time I spend with you
Is the best Ive ever had
And you always know how to help me
When its me whos feeling sad

I dont know how to say this
But ill do my best and try
And I just want you to know
That you sir, are the perfect guy

You make me feel so special
You make me feel so right
And if I had it my way
I would always hold you tight

I hope that I dont lose you
I pray to god each day
Because as long as you are here
I can push my pain away

I love you oh so much
And that I know is true
Because no matter what I do
I cant keep my eyes off you

I hope we are together
For time and time to come
Cause I need you in my life
To change who Ive become...

source : here

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today i didn't go to college. i'm sick :) sick of the journey of 2 hours or more. i miss everything i the college but not for the assignments. my assignments is like piled up again :(

  • drawing trees on linen with dermatograf which should have been submitted today but because i didn't go to college i got more time to do it right
  • a pile of questions which need to be answered about creativity and submit on monday
  • asistensi of gradien which have to be submitted on monday too so monday got two assignments
  • english presentation and homework from the lecturer which i still don't have a clue and needs to be asked
well i think it's just that. but that makes me stressed out already, like seriously. i rather take UTS everyday than assignments like this :( but oh well. that's tha life of university.

i got no credits to text kevin :( he still doesn't know i skip class. i miss him. if only he knew i didn't go to college. he must be phoning me right now :( miss you a bunch kevin. look at the picture above and you'll know how much i fucking love you.

omg finally i found my ducky mask again D; i miss it. it was like gone for a week or more and i've been searching everywhere but no result until this morning sis swiped her towel away and its hidden behind sis` towels :|i was like *hegfherkthqerhtioerhgarhgsrhgs blaarrrggg horrayy :D* (a mix of anger and happiness)

oh oh. sis' shoes got stolen too today :( she said it's expensive too and she just washed it yesterday. poor her :( owner's oil got stolen too. i wonder which asshole did that. what a freak.

images from My Fleur Art

OMG just nao my blog got viruses :O
like can you believe it lol. then when i check what's wrong, it's the singin' box which maeks my blog got malwared :D
so yeah. no songs for tha moment.

today we are asked to draw tress. again.
but this time perspective are suggested more than tha details.
not so great doin' perspective cus i still not really understand :< but kekei help me this time. :>
she explained it to me and make it sounds easy. thanks kekeei :D xoxo ~

today i saw a lil black kitty lying weakly on the ground near a store besides my campus.
omg she is liek, soo weak.
can barely move.
then my simpathy moved :(
i go and buy a milk for tha poor lil kitty and give her a drink.
at first she was like dont wanna drink it but then she drink it like it's frm heaven bcos of tha smell :D
so cute ~
my friends all said that kitties shouldn't drink milk from cows.
they said it will harm the kitty more.
kekei said "by giving the milk to the kitty you just killed it" .
omg i was like soo worried. then they continue telling stories bout what abusive things thay or people near them made to cats.
omg . i cried instantly liek tears running down to my eyes without me knowing it.
my friends all liek "OMG sooryyy" and blablabla .
lol .
i didn't expect me crying too though :D
i guess i love cats too much, aye?

today didn't talk much with kevin.
he's somehow a lil sensitive :(
or maybe me.
i hope nothing happens :>
still love him like usual.

well i think that's all.
still have homework to do tomorrow morning with julie and eve soo yeah, gotta wake up earlt and go to campus earlier to draaww so have to sleep earlier so i can wake up tomorrow ~
well fml . haha .

ciao then .

P.S : i love how 11 - 13 kids can make blogskin and make blog as good as experts :D well not really liek experts but at least they can do better than me ! liek this blogskin :D it's made frm a 15 year-old kid ! can u believe that. her name is caryn :)
headahe headache headache ! #___#
i wanna make my menu scroll like my back to the top but when i open jQuery tutorial i go liek bfjdsfughuileuflsjflkdfjkljgkldjgksdjgfasdjfg blaaarrrrgggg *explodes* Q___Q

it's soo hard!

i hardly understand html and css, and now i have to learn j`q`uery again?

omagah ...

but i wanna make my blog pretty !
can't give up !
ganbate ganbate !
if you guys curious about what games i'm crazy about right now, well here it is!
i took some snapshots for you guys all to see. it's a facebook game, though. Just search wild ones and it'll somewhat appear. It's like gunbound, only cuter :D

this is my pet! it's a bunny :P
i call it bunbun <3

this is the scene where thry fight! nyaahh :3
that's my bunbun on the top left ~
teehee :D
aku bakal bkin ini post blogging yang panjang banget.
kalian yang mo baca siap-siap capek dweh.
soalnya banyak banget hal yang terjadi hari ini yang gak pernah ak ngalamin sebelumnya.
let's start, shall we? :)

bermulai dari kehidupan biasaku yang bangun jam 6 pada hari senen dan naik busway. selama otw dari manggarai ampe dukuh atas sih fine2 aja, gak ada yang terjadi.

sampe dimana ketika aku tiba di harmoni.

bam, antrian yang mo ke kalideres bagian kiri panjaaang banget. sedangkan waktu itu kalo gak slah uda jam 7.45 gitu.
jadi mikir2, kata kk kalideres bagian kanan juga bisa ke grogol. dan kebetulan, kalideres bagian kanan antriannya lagi sepi. sepi banget.
but take note : aku sama sekali gak tahu jalur busway kalideres bagian kanan ke halte grogol.
jadi ya berhubung waktu udah mendesak gitu, aku berjudi waktu.
kalo beruntung yah sampe tepat waktu.
dan kalo gak ya telat.

and guess what?
i was late.

anjrit abis dah.
busway kalideres bagian kanan itu muter jalurnya panjang banget.
gak tahu kemana2. sampe dimana petugasnya ngomong "persiapan grogol 2, grogol 2, yang mo turun perhatikan barang2 anda" dan blablabla.
tapi tiba aku turun,

(gak ada pic tersesat yang lain di google selain monyet ini jadi yauda deh, pasang yang ini aja =__=" BUKAN BERARTI AKU MONYET YAA, dasar)

aku gak tau jalan.
dan aku liat, haltenya halte tomang, bukan grogol.
aku udah what the heck, tomang tu mana lagi kan.
dan aku liat, halte tomang ada pas didepan Central Park.
aku uda bener2 sebel abis dah...

dan yah begitulah.
karena mampus aku berjudi waktu, aku memutuskan untuk jalan kaki dari central park ampe kampus.
yaaaaaay, cheer buat susan yang hebat banget. *sorak-sorak bergembira*
dan you guessed it.
sampe kampus aku telat setengah jam, tubuh yang awalnya penuh dengan bau wangi sabun jadi bau lepek keringat.
parahnya lagi, dosennya ganti kelas.
gak di M-704.
dan aku yang gak tau apa-apa, menerjang masuk M-704 disertai tatapan bingung mahasiswa dan dosen yang gak aku kenal sama sekali.
aku langsung nutup pintu.
sungguh memalukan.
kemudian aku liat kekelas sebelah dan ternyata mereka pindah.
dan aku masuk dan mulailah belajar seperti biasa..
hhiihh, uts aku yang i;m a creative designer itu cuma dapet 75.
gak memuaskan :s
karya yang paling jadi favorit aku punya si riri though.
temanya queen of heart.
terus di bikin kayak kartu gitu.
keren banget lah pokoknya.
two thumbs up deh.
dan di antara kita, julie yang dapet nilai paling tinggi :D
julie arus ajak kami2 makan2 pokoknya. hahaha :P

so that was the start of my day today.

pas kelas itu selesai, seperti biasa kami makan dan lain-lain.
god, aku sneng banget ama temen-temen aku.
asik banget mereka.
oh and and anton nyukur kumis hari ini dan semua orang baru ngeliat ari ini :D
pada heboh semuanya.
karena dia jadi lain gitu.

makin disorakin ama evelyn deh dia hahaha :P
poor you guys :D
maennya ama anak desain sih. hahahaha

then comes desain dasar class.
kami disuruh gambar pola2 gitu trs diwarnai gradasi.
gambar aku salah2 mulu ama asdosnya =___=
terlalu rumit lah, itu lah, ini lah.
dan ujung2nya bukannya kuliah dengan baik dan benar beberapa dari kami mlah bernarsis2 ria hahaha
berikut adalah beberapa contoh2 fotonya :

so ini aku (paling kiri), stezong (sebenarnya namanya stella tapi aku panggil stezong hahaha dan alhail dia panggil aku suzong juga), dan julie si bule. hahaha :D gak ada ngedit neeh, jadi masih terlihat dimana0mana gitu jerawat aku :P

ini aku, stezong dan julie lagi .. with different poses .. and of course we aall still look gorgeous :P

ini aku yang narsis sendiri pake hapenya zong (cung fie ni sih namanya, tapi gak tau mengapa jadi zong, panjang sejarahnya hahaha) supah kamreanya bagus banget >__< aku jatuh cinta abis, tapi gak tau kenapa, tombolnya cari mati ama aku @__@ di tekan gak mau jalan hahaha

so this is me again .. foto ala gaya yang disaranin stezong :d aku jadi ada dua gitu :P hahaha

dan masih aku yang menjulurkan lidah..

last photo, aku ama lola :P
sebetulnya masih ada sih foto2 yang lain, tapi karna terlalu banyak jadi males ngupload gitu deh. hahahah :P

okay. done with this narcism topic.

so desain dasar class is over.

horeeee akhirnya uda bisa pulang :DD
waktu uda mo pulang awan uda mendung2 gitu.
uda pada mo cepet2 pulang, tapi e jreng gubrak ding ding ding, malah hujan gede.
*srrrraaaasssshhhh.....* (begitu kira2 suara hujannya)
jadi aku dan temen2ku yang mo naek buswau, nungguin hujan reda deh.
nunngguinnya kalo gak salah sih selama 2jam lebih gitu, gak tau juga berapa jam yang penting lama deh ..
dan karena hujan yang turun pun gak tanggung2 lebatnya,
daerah gerbang depan untar banjir.
banjir banget.
dan i was like WHAT THE FUUUCCCCKKKK sepatuku gmanaaaaaa Q______Q
huhuhuhuhuhuhu T_____T
sedih banget dah pokoknya.
jadi karena berhubung uda malem jam 6an gitu, mau gak mau kami semua menerjang banjir itu dngan ati terpaksa dan berat.
ada yang nyeker, ada yang pake sendal, dll.
aku? aku naekin celana dan lepasin kaos kaki aku.
sepatuku? aku korbankan Q___Q
maafkan aku sepatu ~ Q____Q
huaaaaaa ~

jadi kami yah gitu deh, nerjang banjir sampe ke atas jembatan busway.
sumpah jorok, dan takut ada mayat kecoak ato mayat tikus karena samping jembatan busway tu ada sungai dari trisakti gtu dan sungainya bukan maen banyak sampah @___@

so, let's continue to the journey on going home with busway, shall we?

setelah menerjang banjir dnegan sepatuku yang dikorbankan, kami berhasil naek busway yang tumben2n pendek antriannya itu.
tiba kami naek, semua masih berjalan lancar. sampe di halte roxy masi fine2 aja, seperti biasa...


busway berhenti.
nooooo nooo bukan karena mesinnya rusak ato apa, tapi karena
jeng jeng jeeennnggg *drumrolls*


dan yakkk, macetnya bukan main macet biasa lagi.
SATU JAM SETENGAH AKU DUDUK BUSWAY DARI GROGOL KE HARMONI, yang biasa cuma 15 menit perjalanan itu.
udahalah kelaperan, jam makan, macet pulak.
saking lapernya aku sampe mikir penumpang2 dlam busway yang saking lama terkurung jadi makan apapun yang ada dlam busway gtu, termasuk kain2 dan tiang2 gitu.. *ppprrrfff*
maklumin lah agak sedikit aneh imajinasinya, namanya juga orang uda stres duduk dlm busway satu stengah jam.
dalam imajinasi aku tu mah, aku mending makan kain2 yang terbuat dari kulit binatang gitu daripada bahan kain yang lain :D
soalnya kan paling gak masih ada unsur binatangnya gitu. jadi sapa tau ada lemaknya ato apa.. :D
dan aku juga lagi mikir, kasian banget orang2 yang kebelet pipis gtu :D
nahan ? satu stengah jam ?
gila tu tempat nampung air kencingnya kuat nbanget, bisa nahan lama gtu :D


errhhmm, okay. back to the topic.
jadi aku telah menunggu slama satu stengah jam, ketika busway akhirnya tiba di harmoni, yang disambut dengan beratus2 orang yang ngantri dan memasang muka suntuk dan sebel.
hahaha. dan untungnya sih antrian ke blok M gak gtu rame. jadi aku bsa langsung masuk tanpa antrian gtu.

but sadly, dukuh atas macet juga.

dan satu jam aku terhabiskan lagi dalam busway.
sampe dukuh atas, semua berjalan seerti biasa, dan sampe rumah juga akhirnya dengan tubuh yang bener2 lemah dan gak bertenaga lagi.
sebenarya sih uda lemes gtu mo posting blog, apalagi cerita ampe banyak gni lagi.
tapi karena ingin share kan, jadi aku meluangkan dan menyisakan tenaga terakhir untuk mengetik semua ini deh. baik kan akuuuu :D *senym2 najong*

hahahahah .
jadi yah begitulah yang terjadi pada hari ini, mulai dari aku yang tersesay di cp mpe banjir mpe perjalanan busway 3 jam.
semua rekor baru, dan pertama kali aku alami di Jakarta.

kuliah aku masi ada 3 tahun.
aku gak tahu seh, hal katak gni bakal terulang sampe berapa kai? :D
whatever it is, stay happy aja trs lah.
dan hadapi dengan senyuman semuanya... :D

P.S : aku ama dia kelahi bentar tadi, tapi semua kembali ke normal lagi :) aku sayang dia ~ mudah2n gak banyak kelahi trs deh :3
love uing ; 2th October ; Je t'aime a la mort ~
this lady still as amazing as before :D
i'm in love with this song, her song.
although the theme of this song is totally different from my mood right now, but it totally got me ~
teehee :P

I am done
Smoking gun
We've lost it all
The love is gone

She has won
Now its no fun
We've lost it all
The love is gone

And we had magic
And this is tragic
You couldn't keep your hands to yourself

I feel like our world's been infected,
And somehow you left me neglected

We've found our lives been changed
Babe, you lost me

And we tried
Oh, how we cried

Oh, we lost ourselves
The love has died

And we had magic
And this is tragic
You couldn't keep your hands to yourself

Oh, I feel like our world's been infected
And somehow you left me neglected
We've found our lives been changed
Cause babe, you lost me

Now I know you're sorry
And we were sweet
Oh, but you chose lust when you deceived me
And you'll regret it, but it's too late
How can I ever trust you again?

I feel like our world's been infected,
And somehow you left me neglected
We've found our lives been changed
Oh babe, you lost me
i love rainbowie text like this :D

teehee :D
so you can say i`m damn bored and i`m trying new html thingies.
i like to browse dynamuc drive and rainbow arch tho, they provide lots of html things for blog suck as scroll bar and such.

and try clicking at my back to top button (for you all who dont know where is the back to top button, you can see the flower beside this post box, right? that's the back to top button)! :D
it scrolls perfectly :D
yaaayy, cool right ?
i found the code at umm, secret :P
my sis said "it's impossible ah you gonna have scrolls liek that. its hard" but bam!
i have eeettt ~ :D
so yeah. i'm the type of person who suits the quote "curiosity kills the cat"
although i don;t know exactlt whats the meaning of that quote.

so yaayy , today i feel randomly excitd and happy.
i played wild ones, webcam, and phoned with him which we no longer have fights with, and hopefully, it lasts like this forever :*

yea yea crap i know, what can i do? i like posting crap and spam my blog with useless posts :D
spam ftw! woohooo ~

umm, a little P.S, my friend are having a conflict for the first time ever on facebook.
with each other.
so idk, hope this will end faster :)
i love them all, really.
i dont want this friendship to end dramatically like my previous gtoup, mac.
yhh, you ask what is that?
i prefer not to talk about it.
hewoooo bloggie :D
see, today,i didn't spam chuu again with my crap like usual.
happy or sad?
right now im crazy about a game in facebook called wild ones. the game is like gunbound, if you guys know what gunbound is. the game is about shooting your enemies until your point is the highest. so yeah, right now im addicted to that game.
probably will be hiatus for a while but no worries, imma be back again later and spam chuu with lots of crap :D
now, imma go and play now, ciao :D
muach muach ~
drawings of tree by me that i promise earlier i will upload :D
the first one, the second, and the third :D
the drawing gets worser and uglier =___=
i prefer the first one ahahahh

as usual, tireedd :D
today i went to find a kos with vivian. gee, there's a lot of good ones but the price oso good too :D
i like one with minimalist design and big room, but the price, omagah it's 3juta :D
and the average price for a kos is 1juta or ++ fer hundred K.
lol. and the last that suits my view is vivan's. the price is ijuta and 2hubdred fifty. sis said i can move there but the money for kos i have to find it myself :( means i have to work. vivian ask me to work at starbucks or breadtalk together but idk... i still afraid of working :( idk, there just a feeling frm me that makes me go a lil confused. idk too how i explain it? the point is, im afraid. still got no experience :(

blaaaaaaaahhhh ~
idk lah
mehh :/
you know what? im starting to get bored with my current skin. i think imma change it again.
yea. changing blog is my actual interest than blogging things :D
today i went to campus. we study like usual again. this time our lecturer asked us to draw trees, using a pen instead of pencil. gee :D
i mean like, i still make lot of mistake wooh using pencil, and now you asked me to use pen? lol idk what will my creation look like lah later :P
then we went to draw downstairs outside the class. this is my drawing result


you must be wonering now right where is the pic?
well, i didn`t upload it.
the uploader are like shit today so i didn`t upload it.
i'll upload it later, okay? be patient.

so after drawing wewent home.
when im otw home the rain falls down.
gee, i love the rain but the time it falls really is not right.
because of the rain busway people are totally crowded and i met a pervert.
what's more. the pervert are like tiny lil man, and it got like bentol all over his body.
how do i say bentol in english? sorry.
disgusting? i know right.
i was like standing beside him! can you imagine.
he was like smiling pervertly to me but i pretend not noticing. then he was like putting his hand down the holder and then touched my hand few times.
seriously, i freaked out that time.
i quickly turn behind and ask people who stand beside me to swap position.
thank God the man behind me wants to do it and change position with me.
i was like, thank Godddd :D

but no, the nightmare havent ended yet.
when i on my third transit (OMG how do i say transit in english) i saw him agaiiinn D:< i thought i lost him, for God's sake. he was like standing a lil far away frm me this time and i noticed he was staring at me. i really am freaked out that time. then i decided to go down at pasar rumput. and guess what. HE WENT DOWN THERE TOO. he`s nearer with the door so he went down first. me, who are ready to go down get shocked and freaked out. so i stopped a while and decided to go down at manggarai instead. shit, stop stalking me asshole, i thought. so i went down at manggarai and went home safely. seriously, that was the first time a pervert make me go scared like that. why in this world got so many perverts ha ? if you wanna get some sex, son of a bitch, go to prostitution and find a lonte to serve you.
not touching girls in busway, assholes.
like a g6 videoclip :D
love love :*

if people ask me what is life ? well i would probably say ;
life is a mistery. life is a journey. life is a beginning to an end. life is hard. life is a question that cannot be answered. life is a thing that you have to face.
then when people ask me what exactly is love ? i would say ;
well love is a game of life. love is a feeling . love is painful. love is happiness. love is undefinable. love is when you look at someone and you know that he's the one.
laugh ? then what is laugh ?
laugh is a way of showing happiness. laugh is fun. laugh is great. and sometimes, laugh is something you use to hide your sorrow from poeople too.
cant sleep cant sleep T^T now it's like midnight but am still blogging. haiyah never mind lah. tomorrow's holiday mah. blog some more lah :D
kevin and i are texting alot about our future. heh. idk bout that. i think just go with the flow. i still think theres gonna be alot of problems coming toward us. not to mention my mom. shes a total blaahh... idk lah. lets just see how much kevin would sacrifice for me. dont wanna talk much bout it.
college life is getting more exciting for me :) i feel very comfy with my friends now. i love them all. i never felt like this before in my whole life. best friends with a lot of exciting friends. unlike pinang, only got a few bffs and others are like kepoh queen. always talk behind people's back. here, you seldom hear people talking people's back. they are all individual. and i like that :)
im finding a new place to stay. near the campus. because my current kos are like blaaahh... sooo far from campus and i have to like take a journey for 2 hours till i got campus safely. im still finding though. i need to find a room that can fit me and sis and if can with aircon loh. and of course low price which will be hard to find. hahaha :D fat wish ah cheap and got aircon. but whatever happens hope i found it loh :) then don`t have to take long trip for 2 hours again hahahahaa >:D happy. what's more it's near to 2 malls! no, 3 >:D but when kevin's here he have to take a long trip to my house loh if i move cos his oma's house is near my current house now :( sad sad.
pardon me for my singlish ah ahahahah very tired to think of proper english now.
okay then i think that's all from me.. still wanna download songs to my phone loh hahaha.
hope the internet dont sucks bad.
heh :D i can`t believe what is just happening today. Today is 20th Oct and Jakarta has this demonstration. i dont care what for and i don`t wanna talk about it too. im just thinking ; whats with the demonstration? is indonesia still not satisfied with how the reputation now meh? tsk tsk. cant stop thinking.
when i got home i phoned with Kevin. we talked alot tonight. and alot of memories haunt me again when i think of those days im on pinang. heh. bad memories. i fought with my friends, and are like... idk... stressed out. i hate them all.
i don`t really like them. they all are somehow... very kepo. every little thing that none of their business, they talk about it.
idk it`s a tradition or what, i dont like it!
my jakarta friends aint like that.
why they have to be like that?
i can`t understand...
actually in my mind, im planning on keep living in jakarta or at least somewhere else that very very far away from pinang. actually if i can, i wanna go far from indonesia. i wanna start new life there, have new family, and new friends...
i wanna leave pinang like, forever and ever, cause i hate people there. actually, im sick already...
if i can, i wanna live alone. just alone.


cant think straight liao....

okay, forget my crap...
my friend`s epic expressions :D
i lol`ed hard watching this pic :D

from left to right then down to the second row :
evelyn, melia, me :D, kendra, dedee, second row starts from anton, then christine, andhika, ferdian, and elora.
third row is suhendra, miley, vivian, kekei, and the idiotic face is richard :D
fourth row is michael, stella (i call her stezong :D), julie, and last is cung but people call her zong :D
FUCCCKKKK !!!!!!!!


so frustrated i am right now. done uploading ajie`s file but got reupload again. from 44mb to 0mb again. bitch. fuck fire ftp. AARRGGHHH *rage*
my head is hurtig today. again. this disease come to me again. i just stopped for a few weeks then it come again. wth? what is wrong with me actually? *sigh*
today is holiday. i didn`t go to college. for god sake i am sooo bored. i miss my friends. :( with them i really have a lot of fun. boo :(
i woke up around 11pm and realized that my room got no electric. then i went out and ask the maid. SHE SAID BLACK OUT. oh god do you know how frustrated that is? pinang always black out. now jakarta like that too? fuck.
i woke myself up finding mosquito bites all over my body. i hate it!! then i went to take a shower in the darkness. shit lah today. argh. then after i shower and eat i read epileptik graphic novel for a while, then went to sleep again. i am soo tired, and my head start hurting that time loh. my sis called me that time too and she asked me to upload some of her file which i mentioned above that says it`s reuploaded one. shit lah. i got no time to go online at all. ;(
then after i woke up, the electric has come. i quickly upload my sis` file which the instruction is very hard for me to do because i just woke up and my head still hurts like hell. god pressure totally went up ah. how can i eliminate my pimples lah? always stressed out like this.
then i upload it loh.
wait for like fucking hours to get it done. then after done uploading some stupid windows asking me that the file i upload had alrady exists make me go confused. exists? how come? i never upload it mah. and there are time on it to saying that this windows will skip automaticly in random seconds. i panic out and click overwrite and then BAM.
it has to reupload it.


you know how stress is it???!!!
i`ve waited the upload for sooo long waiting patiently for hours to go online and when it done uploading I HAVE TO REUPLOAD AGAIN???!!!!
oh, really ah. i wanna cry ahh.
now i`m helplessly waiting it reupload again loh.
and it`s only 41% niah.
fuck my life.
when it done upload ut`s already evening liao lah and it`s time for my sis to conquer the computer. and i only got like fucking few hours to play.
really ah... FML soo much today!
bored, frustrated, stressed out, headache, and no delicious food outside.
what can be worser that this?

oh oh oh, plus one more frustrator (hahaha since when got that word lah =___=)
kevin got no credit on his phone so we can`t text.
really woh?
what`s worser that today?

i am sooo effing tired =A=
but why can`t i sleep ? @A@
this has been the most tiring day of my life, with busway`s journey for 2 hours and the pain in my back hurting @A@
looks like i got a problem with my back.
it like to hurt randomly, like i got some kind of disease or something.
but i`m just guessing only.. still haven`t sure yet @___@

panda eyes attackk!!!
miiiaaahhh ~

*going to sleep*
hari ini hari nomor dua terakhirnya UTS . mata kuliahnya menggambar dasar, jadi cuma gambar ransel abis tu pulang :D ("cuma" yeee , gaya kau sombooonnngg hahahah)
gila ransel yg aku pake buat gambar susah banget =___=
dapatnya tas gunung kakak soalnya gak ada ransel lagi selain itu yauda deh , pake aja mau gak mau hahahah :P
dan alhasil gambarku hancur lebur jeduer2 karena tas ransel yg susah setengah mati itu banyak detail dan resletingnya. (uda bukan setengah mati x ya ? uda 3/4 mati x)

tapi topik utama bukan gambar uts ku yg hancur itu karena sangat memalukan.
so let`s back to the topic :3

setelah uts yg menyebalkan karena gambarku yang hancur itu aku, melia, evelyn, julie, kekei, vivian, elora, christine, anton, kendra, hendra, dedee, richard, yuris ama zongtenus pada ke kelapa gading.
katanya sih kelapa gading berhubung bulan oktober ada rumah hantu gitu :D
jadi ya terdorong oleh rasa penasaran dan ingin tahu rumah hantunya bagaimana, aku ikut.

perjalanan memakan waktu stengah jam, dan tiba disana ternyata stupid rumah hantu belom dibuka.
dan bukanya baru jam-jam 5an gitu.

tau gak kami berangkatnya jam berapa ?
jam 1an gitu.
jad yah ...
mau gak mau nunggu deh sampe sore.
selama beberapa jam itupun kami 15 orang pada bingung mo ngapain.
ada yang mo biliaran, ada yang mo nonton, ada yang mo karaoke.
aku sih milih kategori karaoke karena pertama, nonton super duper mahal. terus kedua, billiard tempat dimana asap rokok menjajah, jadi yaudah. karaokean aja pilihnya.
dan blablablabla. selama hampir 1 jam gitu mereka pada gak jelas mo ngapain aja.
aku hanya duduk terdiam menunggu hasil diskusi.
tapi tetep gak keluar hasil diskusinya =___=

dam akhirnya semua sepakat yang mo biliar ke biliar yang mo karaoke karaokean aja.
eh gak taunya ntah karena apa si zongtenus malah pulang.
aku yang gak tau apa2 ama kei, lola, dedee, vian, christine, yuris pergi karaokean selama 1jam.

pas udah 1 jam , ini nih yang aku tunggu :3


penasaran plus takut2 gitu :P
jadi setelah karaokean kami tunggu lagi dpan rumah hantu karena waktunya belom sampe, rumah hantunya belm dibuka.

karena bosen, aku foto2 narsis didepan gerbangnya :D
ini contoh2nya :

hahahaha gak ada kerjaan banget yah :P

yauda deh , langsung aja ..

so rumah hantunya udah dibuka.
kami semua pada masuk ..
aku berempat ama julie, eve ama meli ..
meli perkasa banget waktu lagi ngantri, aku kira dia gak takut ..
gak taunya pas uda masuk, aku yang didepan mimpin =___=
parah, aku teriak2 gak jelas.
pas di ruangan random ada hantu yang gitu.
gede buncit..
aku gak liat jelas apaan itu, tapi gede pokoknya.
ruangannya kecil lagi, dan kalo mo lewat kayaknya bakal diterkam gitu.
jadi kami semua terdiam di depan pintunya.


aku ajak ngomong ama si buncit itu :D
jinakin dia dulu, supaya dia gak nakut2n :D
setelah beberapa menit aku diem, akhirnya meli narik aku melewati dia.

kata si buncit itu tiba2 waktu aku lewat berdua ama si meli.
reflek kami berdua shock dan teriak2 lah.
parahnya lagi si meli langsung bawa aku lari2 gitu melewati ruangan dengan cepat :DD
parah, aku hanya bisa terbang dan terdiam dibawa lari meli.
selagi lari banyak yang nakut2n lagi.
makin teriak dan kenceng lah kami berdua lari karena takut :D
aku beneran gak bisa apa2 di belakang waktu ditareik meli , sumpah. cuma bisa teriak =____=
mo berhenti lari juga gak bisa. meli narik2 aku.
setelah melewati beberapa ruangan dan meli tersesat, baru deh, berhenti aku.
gila, ngos2n aku.
untung aja ruangan tempat kami berhenti gak ada hantunya.
kalo gak dibwa terbang lagi aku hahaha

dan seterusnya, exit dan abis ...

sumpah, gak begitu serem =____=
yang bikin takut cuma lagunya, gelapnya ama dikagetinnya aja.
hantu2nya gak deh , gak sma sekali :D

yauda deh, sekian aja ya aku rasa ?
kakak aku mo pake komputer buat kerja ..
uda badmud gitu deh, jadi aku udahan aja deh :(
sekitar info, rumah hantunya di kelapa gading, la piazza .. :)
so this evening i went to ambassador to cut my bushy hair and o to buy groceries.
i went to johny andrean to cut my hair, and yes you guessed it, i`m nervous.
i`m nervous cause i still don`t know how it will turn out.
my hair is ummm somehow very wavy so not many hair style suits me.
last time i cut my hair like a boy and it turn out omagaaahhh >___<
i don`t even wanna think it anymore hahahaha but that time it turn out good when it got longer.
ok back to the topic.
so my hair was washed, cleaned with conditioner and such , then come the cutting part !

jeng jeng jenngg ...

i was so afraid my hands got very cold.
it`s common for me already cause i always like that =___=
so abnormal.

okay okay so i asked the stylist to cut my hair bob and look like rihanna (tha style where her back part hair was short then long at the front one) but somehow i think the stylist didn`t get what i`m saying @___@

so this is rihanna`s hairstyle which i want my hair to look like

and this is what my hair look like now @__@

i knoooowwwww i knoooowwwww @___@
looks like helmet , look like changcuter , whatever you guys said laaaaaaaa ~
i`m not too satisfied too with the result , a bit dissapointe though but still fine laa ..
hahahaha (forced laugh)
imma make it work though somehow >:|

hope no one mocks me when i go to campus T____T
i felt like everybosy is looking at me when i done cut my hair , weird look like 'wtf??!! pfftt' that kind of look T___T


SOURCE : click here


For more of this superrr cute photos that make you go aaaawwwwww , go to the website linked above ! >:D

i just looove cute pets ~
aku pergi nonton readers :D
and you know what i watched ?
*drum rolls*


yaaaaaayyyy :D
dan yep , filmnya three thumbs up dah !
kalo menurut aku sih , step up 3 lebih keren daripada street dance ..
tapi kata kakak aku street dance lebih dapat emotionnya :D
heheheh gak tau juga la ya . pendapat orang2 kan beda2 .

Pindah dari Blatimore menuju New York , "Step Up" kali ini menampilkan Moose (Adam Sevani) bergabung dengan penari jalanan yang diketuai oleh Luke (Rick Malabri). Bersama-sama , mereka berjuang memenangkan kompetisi menari yang diselenggarakan di kota mereka itu .

yang tinggal di daerah indonesia terutama jakarta boleh kunjungi website ini untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut informasinya :D

kalo gak salah aku sih , step up juga ada 3dnya . :D

gak nyesel deh nontn , seru banget !
koreografinya ..
tariannya ,
alur ceritanya ..
top banget dah !
heheheheh ..

aku yang nonton aja jadi pengen nari beneran , imagine i do street dance !
woohooooo :D

ohh ..
okay okay . fat chance =________=

i like the fan page without knowing it will turn out like that xD


A wild looking cat, the Abyssinian is thought to be one of the oldest breeds in the world. Though paintings of them have been found in ancient Egyptian art, their exact origins are unclear. Some believe they came from Ethiopia (formerly called Abyssinia) and others believe they originated from areas near the coast of India. Whatever the origins, Abyssinians were imported to England where they were refined by breeders. Abyssinians are average sized cats of a medium build, weighing about eight to ten pounds and living anywhere from thirteen to twenty years. Described as resembling a Puma or a Cougar, Abyssinians have medium length coats that are dense and have markings similar to a tabby cat. The coats can come in several colors, ruddy (burnt sienna), red, sorrel (burnt orange), blue (soft blue and apricot), and fawn (pinkish beige and oatmeal) with even ticking. Abyssinians are described as very independent and intelligent. They are not considered lap cats and hate being confined, but Abyssinians are sociable creatures that will get along well with humans and other pets. 

Though they purr when content, Abyssinians are not 'talkative cats' and have a soft purr. Abyssinians are high-energy cats and enjoy running and jumping to high places. They also enjoy playing with water and will entertain themselves with nothing more than a running faucet. This breed does tolerate human handling, but is probably not the best choice for children, due to their independent nature. Children may enjoy the activity level of the Abyssinian but will be disappointed when it does not want to play with them. Abyssinians are generally healthy; however, they do have some genetic health concerns. They can develop patellar luxation, renal amyloidosis (a kidney disorder), and retinal atrophy. Some Abyssinian may also have sensitive stomachs making them more likely to vomit but this can be controlled through diet. They are also prone to gingivitis, but brushing their teeth can help prevent this. 

American Bobtail

American Bobtail

The American Bobtail has grown in popularity in recent years. Originally bred in the 1960s, John and Brenda Sanders found a male brown tabby cat with a bobbed tail while vacationing in Arizona and bred it with a Siamese female. The resulting litter was born with bobtails, but this feral looking cat is most likely not part Bobtail. American Bobtails are medium to large cats that have a naturally short tail (hence the name 'Bobtail') that is usually straight. The American Bobtail's hind legs are slightly longer than the front legs. Females will reach and average weight of seven to twelve pounds and males can average over fifteen pounds. American Bobtails are not considered fully matured until they are about three years old and will live an average of twelve to twenty-one years. Originally only a longhaired breed, American Bobtails are now both long and short haired. The longhaired Bobtails have slightly shaggy medium-long hair that does not mat. Shorthaired Bobtails have a medium length, semi-dense double coat that is also mat resistant. 

American Bobtail coats come in all colors, though white and brown is the most popular color. Many allergy suffers find themselves more comfortable around American Bobtails, they are not considered hypoallergenic. This breed of cat makes an excellent family pet and does very well with children and other household pets. They do not mind much of the rough and tumble play children are fond of. American Bobtails are described as friendly, talkative and social. They enjoy climbing so an indoor cat tree or cat condo is a must. American Bobtails love to play games and have been known to initiate playtime with their families. They are also considered extremely intelligent and loyal. American Bobtails adapt easily to new environments, whether busy and loud or quite and serene and bond closely with their family. This breed is also sometimes used in therapy, as American Bobtails can be quite sensitive to the needs of humans. In general, American Bobcats are a healthy breed of cat; however, some are born without tails, which can cause some medical problems due to their shortened spines. torsion (bloat) and if they do not get enough exercise will quickly become obese, leading to other health problems. 



The history of the Birman cat is steeped in mystery. According to legend, the people of Asia built a temple to worship a golden goddess with sapphire-blue eyes. A priest often knelt in meditation with a white temple cat. One night the temple was attacked at the priest killed. As the priest died, the cat placed his feet upon the priest and faced the golden goddess. As he did, the hairs of his white body turned golden, and his yellow eyes to sapphire-blue, his four white legs turned brown, but where his paws rested, they remained white. Where this legend ends, history begins. The temple was raided at the beginning of the 20th century. Two westerners, Auguste Pavie and Major Gordon Russell, came to the aid of the priests. As a gesture of gratitude the priests later sent the two men a pair of Birman. The male cat did not survive the trip but the female, who was pregnant, did. The Birman is an average size cat (males generally ranging from eight to twelve pounds, females seven to nine pounds). 

Birmans have a medium length coat that requires very little grooming. The coats are usually a light color on the face and darker over the rest of the coat, with golden shades being the most popular. Their eyes are always blue and their paws are white. Birman coats are long but not very dense, so they are not prone to matting. As the third most popular longhaired cat, Birmans are good pets. They tend to enjoy the company of their human families. Birmans are described as 'soft spoken,' but social and friendly. Birmans are considered sweet and because of this, they are able to adapt well to changes and adore their family. They tend to be a healthy breed; Birmans are generally free from any medical concerns, but some are sensitive to anesthetics. Birmans also require relatively little training and will learn to use the litter box on their own. 



The Bombay was developed by breeder Nikki Horner in Louisville, Kentucky in 1958. She set out to create a 'miniature black panther' by crossing a sable Burmese with a solid black American Shorthair. Though her initial attempts were unsuccessful, she persisted and by 1976, the Bombay was recognized as a distinct breed of cat. Bombays are muscular cats with an all black coat. Some are born with the recessive trait of a sable coat. Though this does not indicate any deficiency in the cat, it is considered undesirable for a Bombay and will only be sold as a family pet and not a show cat. This black coat is short and satiny and does not require any special grooming (though regular petting or brushing will help to get the dead hair off – but a Bombay will usually groom itself). Bombays mature quickly and are considered 'adult' between six and nine months. The average male will weigh eight to ten pounds and the average female will weigh between six and eight pounds. Both will live an average of twelve to twenty years. Bombays are described as 'lap cats.' They truly enjoy the company of its family and will always seek out a lap on which to sit or someone to play with them. 

Bombays crave companionship from family members and will follow them from room to room of the house in order to be part of the action. This is not a shy cat. Unlike many other breeds, a Bombay will enthusiastically greet visitors and want to see what is happening. They make excellent family pets for this reason. Bombays will do all right with other family pets, but need to be socialized properly. They have a tendency to dominate other pets in the household, which can lead to trouble if not attended to. Bombays are also loud cats with a purr that can be heard up to fifteen feet away. Though an active breed, Bombays prefer calmer environments without many loud, startling noises. Too much exposure to this and they will develop a nervous disorder in which they loose hair from their stomachs and tails. Some Bombays are prone to Burmese Craniofacial Defect, a genetic disorder that affects the development of the skull in the fetus. Occasionally, kittens from lines that carry this defect will be born with severely deformed heads. This genetic disorder is a result of some crossbreeding with Burmese cats. The diet of a Bombay should be monitored easily as they are prone to obesity. 



The modern Burmese breed has roots muddled in history. It is generally believed that Burmese are a man made breed descending from the crossbreeding of a Siamese and an ancient version of a pure Burmese (that later died out). This Burmese breed had almost died out until a breeder named Dr. J. Thompson brought one of these remaining cats, Wong Mau (who may have actually been a Tonkinese), to America in the 1930s because of his interest in Wong Mau's markings. The doctor wanted to study these markings and bred Wong Mau to a seal point Siamese. The resulting liter was the first Burmese kittens. Burmese cats tend to be of average height and weight and live approximately thirteen years. Their coats come in a variety of colors: brown (seal brown), blue (soft blue-gray with a silver sheen), chocolate (milk chocolate), lilac (dove gray with a pinkish cast), red (tangerine), cream, brown tortie (brown with shades of red), blue tortie (blue with shades of cream), chocolate tortie (chocolate with shades of red), and lilac tortie (lilac with shades of cream). The coats are shorthaired and tend to shed very little. 

Burmese enjoy the company of humans, make a good family pet, and adapt well to any environment. They get along with children and other family pets. Burmese are loyal to their human companions and will move with them from room to room of the house. They enjoy the affection they give and receive in this relationship. Burmese are lap cats and enjoy being pet and stroked. They are also very loving and accepting of strangers – a characteristic that is a plus for an indoor cat but quite dangerous if the cat is allowed to roam the outdoors. Burmese are quite trusting of everyone and everything and have no instinct to fight or defend itself. Adult Burmese are very nimble cats (despite their stocky looking build) but this may not be apparent when they are kittens. Burmese kittens, attempting new feats, tend to be clumsy. They grow into their agility and age gracefully. Burmese do have some health concerns. They are prone to cherry eye, and corneal dermoids (a surgically correctable attachment of skin or hair to the cornea). 

Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex breed began as a happy accident of nature. A genetic mutation in a liter of kittens born in the 1950s in Cornwall, United Kingdom, resulted in kittens that had extremely fine and curly down for hair, not the typical thick coat like most breeds of cat. Even the whiskers were curly! Breeders were struck by this, and decided to selective breed this trait through inbreeding and crossbreeding. Many other breeds of cat were used during this period so the 'coat' on a Cornish Rex comes in many colors and patterns. They are small to medium sized cats with a very slender appearance and live roughly thirteen years. Though they may feel heavier than they look, Cornish Rexes are very thin boned and have lean muscles. A Cornish Rex may also have a peculiar odor that some describe as 'cheesy', this odor is produced from scent glands in the paws. 

Many people think a Cornish Rex makes a good pet for those with allergies, but they do shed somewhat (though far less compared to most other breeds) and will groom themselves regularly. Cornish Rexes make excellent pets as they enjoy being with humans and are social, playful, curious and affectionate. Though very active at times, they do enjoy taking breaks and a Cornish Rex can often be found curled up on the couch or in a lap. Though they like being pet and groomed, due to the nature of the coat, Cornish Rexes should not be brushed too roughly, as this can damage the hairs. They get cold easily and should be kept indoors. Additionally, Cornish Rexes can be prone to baldness, a disorder known as hypotrichosis. 

Devon Rex

Devon Rex

In the 1950s in England, a stray cat gave birth to a litter of kittens with a curly coat. Through crossbreeding and inbreeding, this interesting trait was maintained, resulting in today's Devon Rex. It was once thought that the same mutation caused this and the Cornish Rex mutation (the fine, curly coat), but genetic testing has shown that this is not the case, making the Devon Rex a separate and distinct breed of cat. Due to crossbreeding, Devon Rexes come a wide variety of colors including black, white, blue, red, cream, chocolate, lilac, and caramel. They can also have various markings and patterns such as smoke, tabby, tortie, bi-color, tri-color and pointed. The Devon Rex coat can also come in a variety of coverings. Some Devon Rexes are completed covered in the soft fur and others only have the occasional tuft. Some coats are curlier than others but all are soft and thin. Though Devon Rexes do not shed nearly as much as other breeds that are more densely coated, they do have some hair on them and will, therefore, shed. This makes them more suitable for those with allergies, but they are not a hypoallergenic cat. 

Devon Rexes, on average, will weigh about six to nine pounds and are muscular. They will live about thirteen years. This outgoing cat is a performer. Devon Rexes like being the center of attention and will engage in many antics including jumping to high places, riding on the shoulders of their human companions and stealing food. Despite their antics, Devon Rexes are good family pets and adaptable to most situations. Though active, they do well in apartment settings. Due to the delicate nature of their hair, a Devon Rex should be kept indoors. The sparse coat is insufficient to protect it from sunburn or cold. Grooming is done infrequently but when done, must be done carefully as the hair will break easily. Although very healthy, Devon Rexes can inherit genetic problems, such as cardiomyopathy, luxating patella, hip dysplasia, and spasticity. 

Domestic Long Hair

Domestic Long hair

The Domestic Long Hair is the same breed of cat as the Domestic Short Hair, but with longer fur. It is descended from cats that were brought to America aboard ships to hunt rats and was selectively bred in America into today’s Domestic Long Hair. The name Domestic Long Hair is given to cats whose parentage is in question; otherwise, it is referred to as an American Long Hair and only American Long Hairs can be show cats. This long haired cat does require regular grooming if it does not like to groom itself and must be bathed every one to two weeks as part of the grooming process. For this reason, and many others, Domestic Long Hair cats do not make good outdoor cats – their coats are prone to matting which, if not attended to properly, can lead to infections. 

Domestic Long Hair coats can come in a wide range of colors and patterns – there is no standard or predictability in color. This breed of cat also has almost as many different personalities so it is relatively easy to find a suitable cat for any environment and family. There is no average weight for this breed, but Domestic Long Hairs tend to be a medium sized cat. On average, they will live for twelve to twenty years. Domestic Long Hairs are a hearty breed of cat (as part of their 'working cat' heritage) and do not have any specific medical problems or concerns, but they can be prone to obesity so it is important to monitor their diet. 

Domestic Short Hair

Domestic Short hair

Descended from 'working cats' that came to America on ships like the Mayflower to hunt rats, selective breeding resulted in today’s Domestic Short Hair. The Domestic Short Hair cat was renamed the American Short Hair in 1966 to better reflect this breed’s heritage. Today, the name 'Domestic Short Hair' is given to cats whose parentage is in question. Adult male Domestic Short Hairs will reach an average weight of 11 to 15 pounds, but females will only weigh 8 to 12 pounds. They are considered fully mature at 3 to 4 years of age and can live 15 to 20 years. The American Short Hair coat can come in many colors in patterns. In fact, almost 80 different patterns of colors are recognized in this breed. It is an all weather coat that is dense but won’t mat. It should be brushed regularly to remove the dead hairs if the cat will not groom itself. 

There are also as many different personality characteristics in Domestic Short Hairs from the stereotypical aloofness to the surprisingly friendly and social. This is a fairly healthy breed (part of its working cat parentage), so it is a relatively low maintenance breed, requiring nothing more than routine health care. However, some Domestic Short Hairs are prone to overeating, so it is important to give them plenty of opportunity to exercise and play. Those that cannot (or will not) engage in exercise will need to have its diet monitored closely to avoid potential problems with obesity. 

Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Mau

A breed of cat as old as recorded history, the Egyptian Mau ('Mau' means 'cat' in Egyptian) can be seen in the artwork of the ancient Egyptians. It is thought that Egyptian Maus are descended from species of the African Wild Cat. In that culture, the cats were worshiped, protected by laws and mummified. The Egyptian Mau is the only breed of cat that has naturally occurring spots on its short coat. Found in a random pattern on the fur, these spots can also be found on the skin. The coat can be silver, bronze or smoke colored with variations occurring between these three colors. Egyptian Maus have striking green eyes and an unusual flap of skin extending from the flank to the back knee, which allows for agility. It is the fastest breed of cat, able to reach speeds of more than thirty miles per hour. Average adult male Egyptian Maus will reach weights between ten to fourteen pounds. Females will average six to ten pounds. 

Egyptian Maus are described as talkative – almost musical – and have very distinct vocalizations. They are curious cats and like to explore, but they can also be lap cats, preferring the relative comfort and safety of a warm and friendly lap. Egyptian Maus are very friendly with their families and enjoy their company immensely, but are wary of strangers. They are also known to wag their tails like a dog when happy. Egyptian Maus have some important differences from other domesticated cats. They are more sensitive to temperatures and prefer very warms climates. Egyptian Maus are also more sensitive to medicines and anesthesia. They have a longer than average gestational period. The normal period for cats is sixty-nine days but seventy-three days is still considered normal for an Egyptian Mau. This breed is also prone to food allergies, hot spots, cardiomyopothy and feline asthma. 



In the 1960s a Persian was crossed with a Domestic Shorthair in an attempt to create a Persian with only short hair. The result was today's Exotic, a breed that looks strikingly similar to the Persian, but with less maintenance involved, hence the nickname, 'the lazy man's Persian.' There are long- and shorthaired varieties of Exotic. The coat of a Longhaired is very similar to a Persian. It is very thick and dense, and requires daily grooming, along with regular bathing. The Shorthaired Exotic coat is, well, short. However, that does not mean it does not require some maintenance from the owner. Though Shorthaired Exotics tend to be able to keep themselves clean via regular grooming, the occasional brushing is recommended to lower the occurrence of fur balls. Both Long- and Shorthaired Exotics are seen in a wide array of colors and both will shed, though not nearly as much as a Persian. Both tend to be of an average size and weight and tend to live around twelve years, though they are not considered mature until approximately two years of age and enter puberty later than other breeds. 

Exotics, though loving towards their human families, tend to be aloof. They do not demand much attention or interaction, but, from time to time, will want to enjoy their company. This is accomplished not by tricks or antics but by sitting and waiting patiently while staring to get their point across. This does not mean that Exotics are not playful. They do enjoy the occasional romp around the house and do not like being left alone for long periods of time. They do well with children and other pets but some children may not like their independent nature. The Exotic does have some health concerns. Since it was bred with a Persian, Exotics have flat faces, making their tears prone to overflowing and staining the face. They can also suffer from constricted nostrils (causing them to breathe loudly), dental malocclusions, seborrhea oleosa (itchy, dry skin or hair loss), and polcystic kidney disease. Exotics are also prone to ringworm. 

Maine Coon

Maine Coon

Like many older breeds, the origin of the Maine Coon is unclear and steeped in rumor. Some believe Maine Coons, also known as American Longhair, American Shag, American Forest Cat, American Snughead and Maine Trick Cat, are a cross between semi-domestic wild cats and raccoons (doubtful if not impossible). Others believe that Marie Antoinette sent her beloved Angoras to America for safety. They escaped and inbred with wild cats. Still others believe a cat was brought to Maine by Captain Coon and the cat escaped to live in the wilds of Maine. Whatever the origins, it is generally agreed that the Maine Coon is the one of the oldest Native American breed of cat and they were an established domestic and hunting cat by the 1800s, but were not recognized as an actual breed of cat until 1967. Maine Coons are a hearty breed due to the New England winters they endured early on. This has resulted in a semi-long shaggy coat in almost all colors that makes it look like a wild Lynx. This coat does require regular grooming, which is enjoyed by the cat. Maine Coons males will reach an average weight of thirteen to eighteen pounds and females of nine to twelve pounds, though with their thick coats, they may look larger. They mature slowly and are not considered adult until somewhere between ages three and five (when they stop growing) and will live approximately twelve years. 

Maine Coons do enjoy their human companions, but do not need their attention. They prefer instead, to spend time with them in the same room, but not necessarily to interact. They are not a lap cap, and can be quiet independent, but will follow people into other rooms to be near them. Unlike many breeds, Maine Coons do not like to jump or perch in high places, instead preferring to chase things on the ground. Some Maine Coons can be trained to play fetch and generally do well with children, thanks to their loving nature. This breed is generally healthy but can be prone to hip dysplasia and cardiomyopathy. Some Maine Coons are born with an extra toe, though this does not mean anything for them medically, it will only disqualify them from being shown. 

Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat

Thought to date back to the time of the Vikings, the Norwegian Forest Cat is an old breed. References to this type of cat can be found in Norse mythology and Norwegian fairytales, but the true origins of his breed are unknown. Domestic breeding of the Norwegian Forest Cat, known as 'skogkatt' in Scandinavia, began in the 1930 by farmers, but it was not recognized as a breed until the 1970s, when breeding of 'Wegies' (a nickname derived from the word 'Norwegian') became popular. Norwegian Forest Cats lived in a harsh and cold climate for most of the year, so their coats are adapted to this environment. It is long and thick to protect them from the hash winters and virtually waterproof. They get a summer coat in spring, resulting in shedding that needs to be attended to. Some say that grooming so not necessary, regular grooming of a Norwegian Forest Cat is a useful tool in combating shedding, though they shed far less than other longhairs. They require regular brushing to help deal with tangles and matting and may require a bath at times if they get too oily (the oil is what makes the coat water resistant). The coats themselves appear in many colors and patterns. 

Adult male Norwegian Forest Cats will reach an average weight of thirteen to twenty-two pounds and females will be about half that size. They will live anywhere from fifteen to twenty years. Norwegian Forest Cats are intelligent, kind, and patient, making them a good family pet for those with children. They are also friendly and gentle, so they get along well with other family pets. This breed loves to climb, so a cat condo is a must. If a Norwegian Forest Cat is not allowed to climb on a regular basis, he may become irritable or bored, which can result in destructive behaviors to alleviate the boredom. The meow of a Norwegian Forest Cat is described as not a meow, but as singing a soft melody. This is a hearty breed, though some may be prone to glycogen storage disease.

Oriental Cat

Oriental Cat

The name 'Oriental' does not refer to a specific breed of cat, but a group of cats originating from Southeast Asia. Siamese is the most familiar (specifically, a Siamese without points), but Oriental can also refer to Japanese Bobtail, Burmese, and Balinese to name a few. Oriental cats are either longhaired or shorthaired and come in nearly 300 varieties of colors and markings. Longhairs do not require much brushing of the coat and it does not tend to mat making it one of the lower maintenance longhaired breeds. However, longhair varies are known to have problems with fleas so it is important to introduce baths early on in case a flea bath becomes necessary. Shorthairs have a coat that lies close to the skin and is described as silky. Other than occasional brushings, it is a low maintenance coat. Orientals are small and lean cats (some can be three feet long), living approximately fifteen years. Mature males will weigh between nine and twelve pounds and females, four to eight pounds. They are described as loud and talkative, as well as curious and intelligent. 

Orientals are playful, and have been known to use almost anything – include breakables and valuables – as toys. They enjoy heights and jumping so they would enjoy a cat condo, but do not enjoy the outdoors. They make an excellent family pet and are good with children, provided the children play gently. Orientals are 'people cats' and need lots of love and attention from them. Failure to provide adequate attention will result in boredom, which will result in trouble. Because Orientals have a large gene pool, they are less likely to suffer from genetic problems, but since many of them have Siamese in them, Orientals are more likely to have issues with nystagmus (crossed eyes) which is not serious and will not medically affect the cat. Some Orientals are also prone to heart defects and some have issues with obesity if they do not get adequate exercise. 



The origins of the Persian cat are murky, at best. Some claim that the Persian is descended from the Sand cat, but this cannot be proven. It is also thought that somehow Angoras were crossbred with Chinese longhairs or Russian Longhairs, but again, this is uncertain. There is also the suggestion that longhairs came to China as a gift from the king of Persian but there is no proof of this. What is known is that Perisans were recognized as their own distinct breed by the 19th century and came to America at around the same time. This longhaired cat comes in a wide variety of colors that is very thick, making it prone to matting. A Persian’s coat is so thick the hair looks as if it is standing on its end. Regular grooming is an absolute must to avoid this problem – including regular brushing and bathing. Any matting that is not attended to may result in uncomfortable skin infections. 

Described as a sweet cat, Persians are not particularly active. Though they do enjoy running and playing, they will spend a fair portion of the day sleeping. This makes them particularly suitable for apartment life, as they do not require much room to exercise. The sweet nature of the Persian also makes it a good choice for families with children, but they do not always like to play as children do. Persians are also very loyal to their families and like to stick close to them, making them less likely to stray. However, some Persians may be stubborn, making them resistant to litter box training. Persians may be prone to some medical problems including, nostril constriction, cherry eye, tear duct overflow, dental malocclusions, polycystic kidney disease, entropion, and seborrhea oleosa. 



The Ragdoll breed of cat was developed by a breeder in California, Ann Baker, in the 1960s. She bred a white female Persian that carried Siamese markings to a male Birman. She introduced those offspring to a female Burmese, resulting in today's Ragdoll, a medium sized breed with oval blue eyes and a medium length coat with Siamese markings. Mature Ragdolls (considered adult around age three), are heavier than other breeds; males will weigh anywhere from twelve to twenty pounds and females ten to fifteen pounds. They will live an average of twelve to twenty years. Their fur does not tend to mat or shed excessively, all though regular grooming is a must (something this breed does not mind). A Ragdoll's coat will start all white at birth then develop into four colors: seal, which has dark seal brown points with a light tan body; chocolate, which has milk chocolate points with an ivory body; blue, which has dark gray points with a pale gray body; and, lilac, which has pinkish gray points with a frosty white body. In addition to these colors, Ragdolls have three patterns: colorpoint, which has dark points (ears, tail, face, and feet) with a body of a lighter shade and no white markings; mitted, which has dark points and lighter body, but also has white 'mitts' on the front paws, white 'boots' on the back legs and feet, a white chin, a white strip on the stomach, and a white ruff; and, bi-color, which has the dark points (ears and tail), but the mask is interrupted by a 'V' running between the eyes and expanding into the muzzle. 

Ragdolls make good family pets for several reasons. They like their human company and try to be 'considerate' of their family. Ragdolls take care not to scratch children and are gentle around them, and will follow their family around the house to be in their company. They are not noisy and talkative, and tend to keep their purring at a low volume. Ragdolls are also intelligent cats and can be trained easily when given rewards. They are described as docile and laid back almost to a fault. Because of this temperament, Ragdolls are less likely to defend themselves in dangerous situations. For this reason, Ragdolls should be kept indoors at all times and away from more dominant animals (whether cat or another family pet). This is a healthy breed of cat and Ragdolls do not have any unusual medical concerns. 

Russian Blue

Russian Blue

Little is known about the true origins of the Russian Blue cat. Some think Russian Blues are a natural breed originating in the Archangel Isles in northern Russia. It is thought Russian Blues were brought to England and northern Europe in the 1860s. What is known is that Russian Blues were first shown at the Crystal Palace in England in 1875 in competition, but were not recognized as a separate class of cat until 1912. Though Russian Blues were brought to American in the early 1900s, interest in the breed did not develop until after World War II. Russian Blues have striking green eyes and an expression that makes it look as if they are always smiling. They have a solid slivery blue coat that is short and thick and feels silky. In fact, it is this legendary silkiness that caused Russian Blues to be hunted for the fur at one point. Some Russian Blues are born with 'ghost stripes' that fade by adulthood. 

Their coats do not require much grooming, though Russian Blues do enjoy being groomed by their human companions. Described as shy (especially around strangers), Russian Blues are still excellent pets especially for people and families with busy lifestyles. Russian Blues do not require or crave much human contact and are able to entertain themselves for hours at a time. However, they are affectionate and loyal towards their families. In fact, Russian Blues have been described as sensitive to their families and will try to lighten up the mood of the house by entertaining those around if necessary. They are good with children and other family pets, but do startle easily and prefer to be handle gently. Russian Blues are prone to obesity so it is important to monitor their diet. 

Sphynx Cat


In 1966 in Canada, a Domestic Shorthair gave birth to a liter of kittens with a naturally occurring mutation of hairlessness. This liter became the ancestors of today's Sphynx, created through inbreeding and crossbreeding over time. Interestingly, the same genetic mutation that causes hairlessness in a Sphynx is the same mutation that causes the curly and sometimes nearly absent coat in a Devon Rex. Oftentimes, a Devon Rex is inbred to strengthen the gene pool of the Sphynx. A Sphynx, sometimes referred to as a Canadian Hairless, is not always totally hairless; many have a fine downy coating. However, a Sphynx is the color of his skin, not his 'fur'. Contrary to popular belief, a Sphynx is not a truly hypoallergenic cat, particularly if he has a peach fuzz coating. All Sphynx will still produce some amount of dander, the usual culprit for causing allergic reactions. However, most people with cat allergies find they are able to tolerate a Sphynx. This breed of cat is very hearty and healthy, despite its almost sickly appearance. They are muscular and slightly larger than the average cat, but do require special care due to their lack of a coat. 

A Sphynx will become colder more easily than the average cat and requires the occasional bath, as they have no hair to absorb naturally occurring oils in the skin. They are also more prone to sunburn and heatstroke since they lack a protective covering. A Sphynx is a very patient and adaptable cat, making them an excellent choice for apartment dwellers and those with children or other pets. They are loyal to their families and enjoy their attention and company, which includes playing with them. Thanks to a careful breeding program, the Sphynx breed does not suffer from any major medical concerns beyond normal health care. 



Siamese cats hail from Thailand (once known as Siam) and made their way to other parts of the world beginning in the late 1800s. Though considered an ancient breed (possibly the most ancient of all breeds), the exact origins of the Siamese are unknown, but it is considered a natural breed and is one of four Oriental breeds. It is the unique look of the Siamese that made it so popular. The most familiar looking Siamese has seal points - a fawn colored body with seal brown extremities. Other versions include blue points, dark gray points; chocolate points, milk chocolate points; and lilac points, pinkish gray points. The coats are always short and flat. Siamese have bright blue oval shaped eyes. Males will reach an average weight of eleven to fifteen pounds and females of eight to twelve pounds. Siamese are talkative cats with a purr that has been compared to that of a crying baby. When a Siamese wants something, it will use its voice to get its way. Siamese cats are good for families with children and other pets, but they are demanding of attention, active and persistent when they want to get their own way purring loudly until their demands are met. They will give a warning swipe when they are done playing. 

Though this is usually done with the claws sheathed, exercise caution when Siamese and children are playing together. While loyal and trainable (they can be walked on a leash) they have also been known to engage in attention getting antics to make sure they are noticed. As active cats, they enjoy exploring heights and have been known to find their way to the top of a refrigerator or bookcase to get attention or for their own enjoyment. Though they will enjoy being with another cat, it is important that they get a fair amount of human attention each day to be satisfied. Siamese have been crossbred with other cats to result in a multitude of 'cousins' to this cat. Some of those include: Balinese, Burmese, Himalayan, and Tonkinese. Through careful selective breeding, some of the 'undesirable' traits have been bred out of the Siamese; however, they still occur occasionally. This includes a kinked tail and crossed eyes. Neither of these is serious health problems for a family pet but will disqualify it from being shown. 



The Tonkinese breed is widely considered a 'newer' breed, a cross between a Burmese and a Siamese, though some dispute this saying the breed existed in the 1800s. The first known Tonkinese was Wong Mau, a descendant of ancient Burmese. Wong Mau was bred with a Siamese and over time, the Tonkinese was bred into its own separate breed but it was not recognized as a distinct breed until 1984. This cat is a medium sized breed with males weighing eight to twelve pounds and females six to eight pounds. Tonkinese (affectionately referred to as 'Tonks') have a short, thick coat that requires no more maintenance than once weekly brushing and come in three colors: pointed, mink and solid. The pointed coat is much like a Siamese and the solid is much like a Burmese. However, the mink is unique to the Tonkinese. It is a combination of a Siamese coat and a Burmese coat but not a blend. Usually, one half (legs only or the body) is one coat and suddenly, it becomes the other. 

The Tonkinese personality is described as 'the best of both worlds'. From their Siamese side, they take curiosity and intelligence. From their Burmese side, they take their easy-going personality. They are active and stubborn but not particularly high strung or stressed out. Tonkinese are social creatures. They enjoy their humans and get along well with other pets and children. Tonkinese do not like being left alone and it is recommended that if they are going to be left alone for long periods of time, there should be two Tonkinese in the home. It is also useful to have a cat condo around for exercise and play, and to keep them out of trouble stemming from boredom. Tonkinese tend to have almost no genetic medical concerns though they are more prone to gingivitis than other breeds. 

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