weird dreams appear.

i got the weirdest dream ever.

i dreamt about my class taking a cruise to somewhere and somehow we are in a ship, then Melia's starting to have her own little ship and start to talk with her hometown accent, but then she got pranked by Richard and she was sooo sad, and i came and scold at Richard for being so rude towards people that miss their hometown.
i was kinda pissed of in that dream because i got my own hometown too, but then like suddenly im at my home, but it's kinda like fairy tales scene? my home is kinda like caves in mountain and stuff, and then i approach Mommy at a some kind of hall and here comes the worrying part.

she said to me she's glad that i come home because she's been miserable cos no one including stepfa and bro help him in the house, and she's very tired.
she wanna take me to go around my hometown and she wanted to like, marry me with an 11 year old guy?
but that time i was so rushing so i said i can't and mom's kinda sad.

you know, it's not about the dreams, it's about something to do with mom, i wonder what happen to her there and i am also afraid something could go wrong with her, but im afraid to call her because last night she called and she said she was so frustrated about something only-me-and-my-sis-knows.

so yeah, i only can pray, hope she's okay there.
i really don't want anything to happen to her.

btw i got this pretty christmas gift from Julie. Check her out! maybe she got gifts for you too! xD

and i had changed my skin into something like this, i really like it, hopefully my readers like it too though. :/
okay thx bai.

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