uhh just woke up. feels like a very lazy pig waking up at this kind of time. T__T
i spend today's afternoon just sleeping my shizz out. what the kiss.
i dreamt of something that scares the kiss out of me. first i dreamt that bro has some kind of doppelganger which is very bad and stole things from our house, which we all blame bro but found out after all that it's not him who did all the sins. then i dreamt about me from Tg.pinang are preparing to go back to Jakarta and i dont know why me, mom, and random other people were sitting on a very; lemme repeat VERYYY high stairs that was like, idk, 70 degree? it's scary. cause i'm afraid of heights so that's scary for me and in my dream i was like screaming so hard, so hard that all the people n my dream were looking hillariously at me. =.= what the kiss, tsk. i don't know lah if im screaming or not in real life.

btw i just found out that christmas is in the end of the year.
and everytime christmas is happening you wish for something right?
and everytime you wish for something, you must be wishing like this,
"dear santa, i wish this year i could blablabla .."
so you said this year which means only 6 days left of this year rite?
so you only wish for 6 days, not next year. :/
i kinda realize this when i read someone's pic on random tumblr.
well, uh. that's kinda sad though.

btw i found this pic on tumblr LOL, disgusting.

this pic is found on hellyeahitsrandom.tumblr.com

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