today's a 'quite nice' day :D


by me @ SPV.

hey guys, today i was quite happy because my exams are quite smooth :P
i managed to study last night even though i stay up late until 3 am, but that's worth it.
but am gonna pissed off though if i still got bad marks from my hardwork. :x

i went to iceskating with my friends after the exams.
it was fun! that's my second time i iceskate in my whole life. :D
lol, so lame, i know. but what? everyone's experience is different mah, right?
i fell twice which hurt my hand quite a bit, but i was fine.
can't stand the cold though. xD

i took some pictures when i iceskate but no, i don't wanna post it. =_=
too fugly mugly. lol

iceskate place is soooooo effing crowded when it's around noon!
i hate that. can't skate freely and i have to like watch out just in case people in front of me fell down and hit me or there's somebody striking me behind.
thank god nothing happened when i skated this noon.

LOL there are lots of western people skating too. :'O
omigosh i was like "wooooaaahhhhh~ (impressed)"
not impressed by they're skating but by they're pretty looks and heights.
lol it's not that i never see western people in real life lah.
just never see it that close.
they were sooo flawless while me, yellow skin and omigosh, black hair T___T
i want blooond hair!!!! like them!!
LOL sometimes i am blaming myself for not appreciating what i have now but yeah, still.
that is my dream. T___T


after iceskating we decided to go home around 4pm +. it was quite frustrating though, seeing busway shelter is sooooooooooooo crowded, like hell.

i got this pic from google. somehow my situation look exactly like this.

so i decided to take opposite direction busway from my house hoping there's a changce that i get a seat for my long journey.
which cause NO SEATS AT ALL, in fact i have to pay another busway ticket because i reach the end of the busway shelter just to find a no person shelter.
oh well, you guys will never understand too no matter how hard i explains because you guys never feel it.

the main thing is, i wanna say busway sucks.
at any rate.
and of course, the passenger sucks too because they push and they shove like we dont have to breathe at all.

so yeah, i am fed up.

i decided to take ojek instead although the price is like 5 times busway.
so what, i reach home faster, its worth it.
so i waited and waited, but because traffic jam in jakarta is unbelievably disgusting, i decided to walk to a little quieter road and find ojek there.
then came one, thank God.

so yeah here i am blabber about my day today, i hope tomorrow will be a good day for me but i dont think so cause i still have assignments to do. u___u

so yeah, goodbye all.
wanna refresh by playing audition. :3

anyone who got an audition ID add me on sansan93.
waiting for you guys to play with me. ;D

oh, and btw,

i got complains from others saying that they can't see my sidebar due to the floating effect.
i wanna ask you guys what browser you guys are using?
cos i totally don't see any problems on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox so i dont know if this skin got any problems on other browser.
so yeah if you guys wanna see how perfect this skin are use Google Chrome okay, it's the best one for viewing this skin.

chiao ~

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  1. about the sidebar thing, i want to like ur page but everytime i went down, it went down also. xD

    i see the like button but its hiding ==" googlle chrome btw :D

  2. dont scroll down then! D:
    i use GC but i can see it ~

  3. floating effect works perfectly fine with mozilla firefox but you might have to consider people who use notebooks like me or anyone with small monitors because we can't fully see the sidebar since the screen is small:] so lemme just a non floating sidebar? but that's just a suggestion and this is your blog:]