today was supposed to be a good day for me, turns out not. Kevin and i havent talk like alot of hours because of that issue, and internet still fucks the shizz out of me. tonight are the final of malay and indo at jakarta, but i cant watch, and instead of watching i am here, facing computer waiting the fucking internet to fucking load like hell. what's wrong with me?
my pimple's are outta control. there's 2 at my right cheeks, uncountable at forehead, and there's a big one at my chin. i dunno, i'm too tired maybe?
mom's making me afraid also. she's been haunting me lately with calling me lots of times.
idk, i think this new year's eve will be the worst one of my life. sis can't accompany me too, she hangs out with her work colleagues. fine. if no one can accompany me, i just sleep.

seriously, i need someone right now.

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