spot the difference.

finally i changed a new lay, after only 3 days of time using a simple and white skin, kinda can't stand it already. too plain. LOL :P
i kinda make a spacey themed cause i never have one before. after hours of customizing and fighting slow kissing internet i finally made one, turns out to be very satisfying, i love it, especially the shadowy effect on my content part. kekekek :D
hope i'll use this skin for a long time though. i love it.
err, actually i did say i love every skin of mine, do i? =.-
but in the end still bored and changed it hahaha.
btw this cute curly girl pic beside every post of me is manually drawn and made by ME. so i do not need to credit, just in case you guys moron ask me to credit here and there.

btw sorry for not replying all you guys tag kay?
internet's been a very big dick to me and very slow, so i kinda have problems surfing the internet, even playing audition. =.=
damn you internet, wish i can slap you right in the face, if only you have one.

hhmm 2 days more till New year, huh?
what are you guys resolutions?
and what are you guys planning for celebrating it?
me? i still have no plans, i think i just spend the night sleeping at home. =__=
hahaha sobs, can't do anything wa. all my friends are pulang kampong already and Kevin's are preparing for his final exam so no one can accompany me. :'(
Sis definitely is going out with her friends soi i think imma stay alone in the house. geee.
forever alone is kinda haunting me now. huaaaa

ehh btw i forgot to tell you people, my background is 300++ KB so is kinda hard to load for those whose internet is slow, kay? so be patient, or just leave me a tag and go.
and since you guys are soo unfortunately unfortunate and can't see my blog perfectly, i screenshotted it for you guys.

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click to enlarge, babe.

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