a gift?

you see, i got a lot of tags for this award:

i am worried affies may say im cocky or whatever for not repost it, but just FYI, guys, i've had this award for like long time ago, so i won't post it again, for the second time. :(

here's the link if you don't believe me or somehow if you need a proof.

but of course, i do appreciate! :3

thank you for believing my bloggie and give me this award !
i <3 you guys. very much! muahs muahs

AND ZOMG I HAD THE CUTEST BUTTON EVER FROM SOMEONE CALLED AUDREY and i got a banner with my name form the sweetheart Amelia too ! ;D

here's the cuties :

zomg im going to die that looks so cute waaaaaa lololol xD
thank you so much, you guys are the best <3 and omg did i like lucky to receive 3 gifts at the same day or what? i got another award from Craziest Girl.

Thanks, btw! i just start to blog and yet so many people already giving me stuffs xD
so happy :')

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  1. Dapet Awrad ya San...
    wahh.. bagus bgt tuh... hebat... teruslah berkarya san...
    award ini utk apa sih San? terus kita bsa dapatkn dri mna ???

  2. hahhahaha award maen-maen doang kok..
    bukan apa-apa .. :P
    biasa aku dapet award2 gitu dari blog orang ..
    gak ngerti juga gmana heheh ^^

  3. http://i712.photobucket.com/albums/ww121/ameliagohjiaying/Blog%20Materials/Susan.png

  4. Ah..... masa' sih ???
    tapi walaubagaimana pun itu kn sebuah penghargaan...

    harus di hargai San.. 'n itu akn mmbuat kita semakin rajin utk menulis...

  5. @amelia : thanks amel! i'll post in here :D

    @arifin : iya sih .. hehehe

  6. welcum friend!!! I have a gift for you in my blog. AGAIN!!!

  7. Susan, i love your posts, i mean you're so funny! thank you for dropping by my blog... i'm just starting :3!

  8. i want the award too :(((((
    so cute

  9. @amelia : taken <3
    @karen : funny? why? :D yeah keep on blogging! i love your blog ~
    @viibaby : take it then ~

  10. @vii baby: visit bumble-girl's link that i post and take it there ~