she has it all.

Her name is GMTS.

from the first time i saw her in PMB, i was in love with her (not in a lesbian way but admire, think straight kay guys).
she has this long hair, flawless face and she is not girly at all. she's sporty, she is tomboy.
but the way she is now attract me so much.
i think other people probably agrees too with what i am saying.
i always stare at her, looking at how perfect she is, and maybe she freaks out too, realizing me always looking at her?
and compare her to myself, i am the ugly ducking. a very, very ugly one.

who know that she will be a classmate of mine?
her name is so nice, so different. one of a kind.
and she is getting along quite well with seniors too, in fact, she is now a girlfriend of a VIP seniors.
and she hangs out quite much with seniors, and i've seen the photos and it looked fun.
she's a primadona.

while me?

i don't have that confidence, and when seniors say hi at me, i was like dodging and reply with something that freak them out like maybe raising brows or stuffs?

compare to her, i am a freak.

yeah, you can say i am jealous with her. in fact, i am always jealous with her!
she has everything i ever wanted to have. long hair, flawless face, and idk, fame, or even a happy family?
all my friends says that she's just so-so, or 'biasa'. but no, i don't really think so.
for me, she has it all.
and i, in a million years of time would never ever have everything hat she have, cause i am just an ugly duckling that struggle to survive in this cruel little world.


BTW i have made a christmas banner for all my affies. if you wanna grab it it's okay, just take it! it is meant for distribution though. :) but remember to credit, of course. the pretty background is from

merry christmas everyone. :)

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