ekhh. midnighht already, like 1:34 AM in the morning.
still spamming posts in my blog hoping that i can be tired looking at all this text ..
but till now, no results. ekkhh. madesu much.
when i was browsing for some delicious picture to put on my profile (above), i saw this pic that makes me go aaahhh.

ah, resource from

i mean, cute or not?!!
that girl is a hella beauty, with her hella gotgeous hair, RED.
i want that kind of hair so bad wa. why can't asians be pretty with redhair? damn.
i've always wanted to dye my hair like that. but here only aunties dye red hair wa.
then if i dye hair like that i will look like an auntie, with my pimples as decorations. wtf lah =.=

btw i have seen many original bloggers had changed their lay into someone else's lay ho.
kinda sad cos the originality is gone but i have to admit after changing it their blog looks lot more nicer wor.
kinda jealous, and start to feel bred with this lay. =.=
come on wa, san. you just change this lay 2 days ago. so fast become bored?
tsk tsk.

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