OMG what is happening to me.

i feel like wanna change my templates again. after only few minutes of changing.
what happen to me? D:
you know what, has been the most visited website in my browser now! omg it's like a drug to me D:
changing layout like crazy.
maybe it's a new disease? maybe i should call it changing-layout syndrome? D:
WTF noooooo this is seriousss D: D:
and im feeling like wanna spam a lot to my blog. idk why, just wanna spam.
i'm thinking about my followers though. poor them, all their dashboars it's fully loaded by me only. ):
it's been better now, you know?
when i got no followers i spam like every minutes wa.
that's an issue i should consult to a phsyciatrist though.
how do i spell psychyatrist? how should i write that OMG D:

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