Oh well.

As i said before, people, i am going to change my background.
But who the hell knows that imma be changing everything?
it took me like almost 5 or 6 hours to do this right.
yeah, still the same basecodes.
just change the view and a few codes.

Last time i used pink as my main colour.
i thought that was cool but i realize pink is a very boring colour.
Do you think the same?
LOL what's more, too much pink makes me nauseous.

i've sick of pink.
Now imma use other colour.

And poof! came brown.
At first i never thought brown would come decorate my blog.
well, i actually wanna make plain blog, with very plain colour.
but i thought nah ..
too much plain people don't like it.

So how is it, guys?
Is my new blog layout okay?
I don't need a lying "awesome" word, i just need your honest opinion.


use the comment link wisely?
it's use for commenting, not decorating.
stop commenting posts on the tagboard.
that'll only make you look stupid.
tagboard is just for saying hello, yuh.

oh, oh and btw,

visit my tumblr, please?

that piece of site is so dead.
i can't even feel any people's soul there.

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  1. pink is a very boring colour,
    i know :3
    that's why i changed my skin. (:

  2. yah aku juga mau gnti skin >< tp gimana lagi.. lagi ulangan g bisa lama" di depan comp TT
    aku mau gnti item putih sma dikit warna pastel >< tp msih bgung designnya.. cz mau ubah total :P

  3. I don't feel much different with the old layout~ But I love the plain background.

  4. @adibah : lol yeah! and now we have the same color skins ~ yaaaay! xD

    @sonia : oooo .. kalo aku sih cuma ganti dikit doang. basecodesnya masih sama :P

    @meow : yeah hun, i didn't change it 100%. still the same basecodes. i just changed the bg and the color. :)