not cool at all.

i've watched Indo vs Malaysia, well not entire match but at least i watched some.
Indo lost.
and people said Malay cheated.
they said that Malay used some kind of laser thingy and distract the football members and the formation gt messed up.
and now people are talking about this laser thingy and how will they pay for it.
lol. idk.

somehow i think that Indo people are too emotional, and somehow they can't accept defeat.
but in the other hand, Malay's at fault too.
well, i think so, cause they had used this laser thing and what's more, they had stole Indo's precious Batik.
so yeah, none of them are good.
and that match; that match 2 hours ago is a big one, and got to do with pride, so yeah.
that was a big one.
idk, i just don't feel like supporting either of the country :/

me and Kevin played wild ones just now. :3
but then he went off because he said his eyes is hurt.
i hope he's okay.
ksoo i think that's all.
Sis hasn't returned from home.
hope she's okay too, imma wait for her.

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