a new skin. once again.

i changed my skin. for the 35456465672th time.

i know, i know.
you guys are probably very fed up because i change skin like 1 time every 2 days.
but i promise i won't change again this time!


cos, people, i am the one who made this skin.
i am like handcoded it with blood and sweat, and a little help from my sister with the flower pic i found somewhere in Google.

yeah, i know. noob, ugly, or whatever, you guys professional blogskin maker would probably say.
but gimme a break, ay?
this is my first time, ever.

some codes are not working though, like the older posts and newer post waaaay down below this post.
it is supposed to got border radius but somehow it doesn't work.
but oh well then.

btw i got no back to top button.
i have removed it.
sis said it is not necessary since i don't have long posts that need to scroll like hell to the bottom.
she's a web designer, so i can trust her words and her experience.

oh, and btw,
do you wanna be in my vip links, like Myx, Caryn, Stephanie, and Sonia at the sidebar beside?
if you want to, win my heart, like them.
be close to me!
not just visit my blog, ask for a link exchange then leave.
it's not cool, y'all.
tsk tsk.

and please, people, don't steal anything, kay?
have some sense of originality.
i made this like, with all my life.
caught red-handed ripping or stealing something and imma ake you miserable.


went out with sis and her friend today to TA.
we were supposed to be ice-skating but we cancelled it because ice-skating place is used for hockeying. boo. :(
so we went to Timezone to play a lil' bit, went to W&A to eat burgers and most of all, went to Taman Menteng to hang out there.
we had some fun though. :)

well i think that's all for now.

see my posting time?
i didn't sleep.
idk, just can't sleep. lol.
so i think imma prepare to school a bit later, after i visit all my lovely affies. :)
kthxbai people muahs.

i love my boy Kevin.

and myx, i miss you too.
i check your blog whether you're online or not everytime i open my blog.
hope we can chat soon. :(

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  1. hahha
    I know i know XD
    that guys : " Mind to link exhchange?"
    Me : *linked it*
    those guys like : " Okay thanks" *leave*

    because of that i sometimes just erase the links on my blog if i change the layout 2 or maybe 3 times :)

  2. Hello there! I totally LOVE your layout! I know how hard is it to code a skin because I tried (but failed) many times!!! :)

  3. this one is dope! :D btw, mind to explain why rose? &seems like we had the same issue here: cannot sleep then ended up not sleeping at all -.-' that's ugly

  4. i know everything you do, is from the depth of your heart. naks! ands that's why everything you did was adorable. :D

    you're really the boss!

  5. @she : ah yeah. :/
    very true.

    @emily : thank you so much! yeah lol i made this with soooooo much patience D:

    @anne : lol yeah, very ugly i should say =___=
    we should change that lolol

    @myx : *blush* naaaawwww hun!!! xD xD xD ure flattering me xD

  6. @anne : oh yeah and for the rose , i choose that because i personally love vintage style, while roses represents vintage the most so i choose that ;D