New skin, again.


image from weheartit.

Gee. i change my skin a lot, ay?
Just don't feel comfy with it.
And now i change it into pink turquoise.
And this time, i change the bases too.

Weird or not?

Oh well if you guys don't like it just gtfo.
I don't ask you guys to like it either. lol

I've been in silence with that douche for a whole day.
i don't even know what's got into him or what's wrong.
Gee. that really irritates me.
Oh, fcuk.

What's wrong with you, douchebag?
I hate you.
You silence me.

Fuck ... I miss you.

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  1. Gan…..
    Blognya bagus banged..

    Ajarin saya ya….

    Mampir juga nih ke blog saya yang jelek banged…

    Kita tukeran link juga….!!! :)

  2. the only difference between me &yours is you use grey instead of white :p &i think it's blue-grey-ish, ain't turquoise, candy :)

  3. @hp : no thanks :)

    @anne : oh i see :D
    but my blue is a bit greenish hun so i think its not a blue :3

  4. yup yup~ you do change them a lot.. Well, at least your visitor won't be bored~

  5. i heart the old one, susan.
    that's only my opinion lohh hehe

  6. @neko : i just feel very bored with my old skin nekooo D:

    @esther : naaww...
    but unfortunately im sick of pink ><

  7. but this is very interesting and funny for me ...
    Your blog has been fine with what is now ... I like ...


  8. ohh thank you very much! :'D
    and i tried to comment on your comment box but it failed :/
    internet sucks on sat nite

  9. your new skin is alright tho i prefer the old one because if it wasn't obvious i'm a pink addict^^, i like your new layout because it's simple and unique:]

  10. ahh, i like the old one too..

    btw, it isn't about the theme/skin you know. it's your thoughts and feelings which you share on your blog :D

  11. @sherry : LOL :DD yeah i know but i dont really like it cos im not a fan of pink, hnestly :/

    @myx : oh yeah :DD
    i agree with u hun!