My first contest.

i have joined a contest, people.

Rules :
* You cannot have a private blog.
* No vulgarities or obscene pictures.
* No hiatus or MIAs or anything similar.
* The banner must be found somewhere on your site.
* You might credit ANY resources that you took from. If I found out that you didn't, you will be disqualified.
* No blogshops, and resource sites (sorry!)
* You MUST post about this site and recommend (: If not, your marks might be lower that someone else's even though your layout is about the same as his/hers.
* The language you use is ENGLISH or Melayu or Indonesian

Points to note
* This contest must have the minimum of 10 participants, and a maximum of 30 participants.
* Post about this contest ONCE, simplicity, kawaiiness, color combination, creativity, neatness, your popularity, originallity, and the way you treat your taggers and followers (affies too)

OMG Procedures :
* leave message at my tagboard with the concept : Name/URL/I want join SOTM
* Post about this contest AT ONCE when you receive the confirmation message

OMG Important Dates :
* Joining- From NOW till 19 January / when the maximum no. of participants reaches.
* Judging from 19 January - 28 January (I'll stalk you, also with another judger)
* 28 January - 30 January time to make a choice for the winner
* Result out in 31 January or 1 February or when I finish to make the gifts

OMG COOL Judicaters :
* Me (to stalk you)
* My Teacher (He is designer of my school's site)
* My friend (Who has good sense, more than one)

* Winners (1st - 3rd ) will get a SIGGY, BUTTON, BANNER, and an ADVERTISING SPOT( 3 months, 2 months and 1 month respectively )
* Merits( 4th - 6th ) will get a SIGGY, BUTTON, and BANNER.
* Another winners (Pinkish Blog, Cutest Blog, Best Posting, Colourfull Blog, etc.) will get a BUTTON and BANNER.
* SPECIAL WINNER (Friendly Blogger) will get SIGGY, BANNER and an ADVERTISING SPOT (forever)
* Rest of the participants will get a SIGGY and BANNER.

support me support me support me! xD
i will be very ;LSEJFLSFWREJGRJGLAKDRJLKDJGKLS WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *throws confetti* if i win, cause this is my first ever contest.
click the banner to see the contest holder ~

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