my assignments.


ah, hey guys. i'm so pissed off right now. i was like doing assignments from 3 pm, until now, and its like 6 pm already, but i only done like 30% of it? (due to my fever and the big temptation to go online a few minutes which turns out a few hours, of course. *sigh*)

how annoying is that.

the deadline's tomorrow, cos tomorrow is my BIG day.
yeah. tomorrow's my final exam. and i still haven't study yet. fcuk. what am i going to answer later? LOLOLOLOL.

well if you guys are so curious what kind of assignments that i'm screwing know, i'll show you some of it. ive taken some pics about it.

here's the pic of mermaid saving the prince :D 40% done, though.

this, my friend, are some of my drawings that i have to submit for my final exams. and this is what i'm talking about whole time (not to mention others too, that i dont take pics about it).
our lecturer asked us to tell a story (whatever it is) using pictures, but we're not allowed to tell the story by comics structure. hhm. how do i say it? hmm. you have to draw some pics in one paper to tell the whole story. kinda like that.

so i chose mermaid.

if you guys never heard of mermaid story (which your childhood probably sucks much), mermaid is a story about a mermaid (of course) saving a prince that she loves in a storm (maybe? i don't really remember). then when the prince woke up, she wanna marry the girl that has saved him but he married the wrong girl. mermaid wanna say to that prince that she's the one who saved him but got no legs to walk. so she comes to a witch and ask the witch if she can have a pair of legs. the witch said yes, unless mermaid wants to give up her sounds and ability to talk. mermaid said yes. but the witch said if she didn't marry the prince, she'll turns into a bubble. and because her love for the prince is ssoooo big, she agrees to all of the witch terms and conditions. so she had a leg.

but in the end, she still died. she turned into a bubble because the prince is a MORON.
i mean, he didn't even investigate first. how stupid is that?
poor mermaid, you stupid prince. mermaid is prettier 100 times than the girl you marry.

so yeah, FYI, mermaid story is a sad ending. but somehow disney made it a happy ending because it's meant for kids and it's not good to tell a sad ending to kids. so yeah.

i think that's all?
i don't wanna spam my blog with too many pics, just in case you guy's internet sucks.
how good am i? LOL

anyways, wish me done my assignments quicker, ay?
so i can care for this blog more. lol
see ya.

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  1. haha! just like in one complain in my blog :P (he told me, my photos aren't loading :P)

    hope you'll finish your assignment in time hun. And you're good in drawing, I'LL GIVE YOU...

    ...5 STARS for that! :D


  2. ah yeah, but i can see ur pic! :P
    and OMG are u kidding me that drawing is soo fugly mugly xD

  3. i like the bubble ending better.. i dont like ariel's daughter.. D;

    my favorite disney fairytail, Ariel! these days disney fairytail is full of lame jokes. Why cant they do romance like snow white ? with a little hint of comedy..

  4. Auw~ So sad ending~ Never knew that. ^^ Good luck in your assignment dear~ ^^

  5. @intan : ohhh , me yoo, but it's kinda sad D;
    and i hate the prince for being so dumb D:<

    @neko : lol glad u know it now! :DD
    thanks! <3 <3 <3