midnight posts FTW. :D

another posts people, since i don't really have life due to this holiday. this posts was supposed to be talking about Indonesians fighting with Malaysians on Twitter using #crapindonesiansdefending and #MalaysiaCheatLaser but since the match it's over there's no more to discuss about, kays? :D
i kinda watched the match at the last few minutes. sis got home and turned on TV cable on computer which i dont know at all it can actually work! D:
but since it's very hard to pasang i don't blame sis nor me for it.

Indo lost. Malay won.

i realize Indonesians play very slowly, you know? like they think too much when they got ball on their feet so it's kinda easy for Malay to steal. but still it's good match. sis said i screamed a lot while i watch lol. idk, just pek chek loh, what kind of match is that lah, i mean they move very slow, like there's no big deal while supporters are screaming like hell and fight at twitter =.=

btw after watching football match i was decided to posts this posts but since internet's slow i played Mortlake mansion. it's kinda fun, but yet intriguing. if you like hidden objects game i recommend you this game woh :)

the link's over here, dude.
too lazy to post some pics about it.
thou links i gave you only shows the info about the game. if you are really interested on downloading it you can google up "Mistery Of Mortlake Mansion torrent". what's a torrent? it's a fast download application for PC. you can download it for free too. if you want of course.

btw i already got New Year's eve plan yaaay!
i'm going out with Gema, Tiiqa, and Amos, sister's friend.
although i am not really close (which i can say they are still my acquintance) but okay lah, better than staying at home.
sis can't join because of her work. but later when watching fireworks at Ancol or Monas she will come.
Gema is paying me dimsum, due to his date with sis! lol :D
i said it's PF loh, pajak jadian.
it's rules for people who just got steady, they must pay us close friends eat or at least some drink lah. LOL it's a tradition! :P

talking about New Year's eve i remember few years ago. i spent two new year's eve in a hotel room, just watching fireworks from window.
wow, no negative thinking, i was with my mom and stepfa and bro. i was accompanying stepfa to see his medical something.
so yeah, sad. :(
then last year i stay overnight with Kevin BBQing with pinge and sengkek, his ex-boyfriend and other friends which makes me sadder cos now all of us are separating and me is arguing with Kevin now, which only breaks my heart just by thinking of it.
so yeah i hope although i spend this new year's eve with someone i hardly close i hope it will turn out to be good though. :(
my life has never been good. you know?
kinda sad when i think about it.

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