long time no post.


image from weheartit.

Gee. Holy crap. Oh my God and other shocking words.
I just realize that this is my own blog, yet i never post something about my life now!
I only post like something about awards? or affie, or even my skins, that's not even important.
Well it's time to rant about myself now.

well, first, i have to say that i HATE this skin's colour very much.
i've tried to change it into something a lil' bit brighter but i can't seem to find any happy colours.
Don't you think the colours is too pale, guys?
Oh, stop saying it's good and whatever.
I know it's not. :/

I need suggestions, anyway.

Okay, second, i wanna talk about me and Kevin.
Well lately i've been having a lot of problems with him, though.
somehow i feel like everything's changed, you know?
our race is different. our religion is different.
and i know mom dont like his religion and race, and somehow i got a feeling this kind of relationship will not going to last long.

What should i do, then?

Should i give up this 1 year + relationship that i've built so hard?
should i just walk away, leave him and find a new guy?

Oh, no. i can't do that.
i love him too much.
i can't even imagine leaving him alone with his heart broken.
i can't! i just cant.
well i guess i am going to keep this relationship going then.
if you love somebody you gotta fight for him.
that's what i know about true love.


i watched rapunzel last night.
i'm not going to tell the story about it because i've seen alot of bloggers doing that already just in case you are going to get bored reading it.
okay so i watched it with my sis, and i LOVE it.
it was funny, it was touching, it was romantic ..
well LOL hard for maximus though. bahahaha

ah yeah. maximus is him alright. the hillarious horse that somehow act like a dog. lol

he's like the cutest frog chameleon i've ever seen before? lol

after that, as usual, i blog till 3 am, and went to sleep.
ah how i wish i can be like Xiaxue!
Just in case you don't know her, she's the awesome-st blogger i've ever read and ever seen before.
like she gets very famous with her blogging?
how cool is that.

so she gets to go interview rapunzel's movie crew and get to take photos with them.
what's more, she got blond hair that i've always dreamt of and smooth skin that i always wanted.

uh well.

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  1. It is pale but I love this soft skin look. Still all is up to you.

    I didn't have time to watch rapunzel yet~ maybe oneday~ lol!

  2. @neko : really? i thought it's abit boring :/
    but yeah, still i love the simple look.
    lol u should watch! rapunzel rocks! <3

  3. differences in culture and religion is quite hard to build a relationship. but 1 year is quite long!

    it depends on you, whether you truly love him till you want to get married or just have a girl and boy love relationship. still, both of them have the word love in it <3

  4. @intan : uhhhh
    i wanna build a till married relationship! ;(