just went to friendster.com to have a look at my old friendster account.
ahh, those days.
you try to look as cool as possible compare to the other friendster user and try to be a gothic person as possible and and oh, try to have as many friends as possible at your friendster account so that you will look very popular. lol so kiddo :D
i was trying so hard that day i took a lot of strange pics that i edited so hard i look very weird. :P
but compare to now me in the past is waaay prettier, well at least no pimples :(

lol, i still remember some of friendster users that i like so much, one of them is called J.C and boys fuck boys, but now bfb* (just call it that way) is inactive now :(
idk why, maybe she has deactivate it or whatever :(
shame though cos i love her so much xD
she's so cool LOL
J.C is still active though :D if you wanna see it just click here.
i try to find them at facebook but no results though. :(
they didn't put any facebook links in friendster too so i cannot find them, well maybe they do put it but i can't log in to my friendster cos i had forgotten my email and password so i only can see their private profile D;
sucks though.
anyways life has go on now though, i hope they have a better and of course cooler life than before :)
i hope someday my life will be better too :(

here's J.C pic :

and here's my pic, 3 years ago when im still using friendster D:
uhh sorry for the blurry pic, that's my edit 3 years ago =__=
still nokia's edit application hahah silly me

and FYI, this is me NOW. i know, i had a lot of pimples and wrinkles D:
life's been a shizz to me kayss, no pressure! D:<

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