i've lost my passion.

is it just me, or my traffic is decreasing? :/

is it because of my current layout? is it because i've changed my wilted roses?
cause i found it quite weird because my tagboard is hella dead.
OH WELL, WHO CARES. this is my blog. my way my say my rules.

honestly, i've lost my passion for blogging. i don't know, it's just, well. blogging. nothing special about that. and i realize blogging has been sucking my youth lately.
idk, blogging = witches? :/
i think soon im gonna be on hiatus. or whatever.

today my stomach didn't work quite properly.
it's been hurting like hell. i can't describe how it feels.
and all day today, i feel like wanna vomit out all the stuff in my stomach.
uh well sorry if this article gross you out.
thank God Kevin's there for me :3
but he pissed me off this afternoon cause when he phoned me his background sound was all girl's sound. :< and i'm not happy with it. but oh well, he explained it already. :>

lately i saw a person has been ripping people's skin like crazy.
uh well, no offense, just saying, and i don't like it.
you should be still crediting the person who made the layout although you had edited it!
because if it's not, it's rude. that's all.

oh well, i'm going to go now.
keep taggin please people :(

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