i miss you.


by myx @ SPV.

seeing stephanie's blog about her 2 monthsary makes me miss Kevin so much.
yeah, i may not crying now, but my heart is ripped into pieces, and with thorns on it.
it's been like 4 months or more since the last time i meet him, because of our study?

oh fuck.
i am crying now.

i miss you kevin.
i mis you so much.
i get jealous everytime i see couple's hugging and kissing.
i want that too. i wanna have fun with you too.
going out to malls, watching cinemas together.
when can we do that, my bee?

i was hoping to see you this semester holiday. but you said you only got 1 week of holiday.
i was so frustrated, i can't even accept reality.
you said that we only can meet again after 3 years.
3 years? what kind of relationship is that?
you want me to wait you 3 years?

my happiness is with you. even my life is with you.
i need you, you're my life.
i was crying so hard when i think of how long i have to bear this kind of feeling,
this missing you and need you by my side feeling.
i need your hug, i need your smile.
you're my everything to me, you know that.

please don't hurt me more!
please don't make me wait more longer than this!
i rather die.

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    don't get sad okay! i'm sorry if my blog post made you sad, or remind you of stuff. if you want, i can delete the photos? (:
    smile okay? anything you can tell me, anytime ^^

  2. no no u dont need to ^^
    im okay ^^