"You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have"

i am so down right now. can't watch football, not texting with Kevin, internet slower than snail, got nothing to do.
just staring computer facing slow internet plus people screaming about football now. (especially my dormitory auntie, i tell you she screams like everytime Indo is close to goaling. LOL what's more her screaming is soo high pitched i almost died hearing it)
what the hell lah, i just can spam my blog which of course will drive my followers away.
sorry, people. if you disturbed by my posts you can unfollow me. i don't mind :)
what makes me down the most is how ignorant he is to me.
i don't know what is happening to him over there, what i think i know is he looks like he dont need me anymore.
i don't know, maybe he already got my substitute which is that biatch?
we'll never know.
i commited a long distance relationship here, anything could happen.
he promised me he would be faithful to me or whatever shit that usually said when building a relationship. so far he had never betray me before, well exclude that he admit he stared at girl's boobs before, but he never like, how do i say that? affair.
but i believe him. i hope my belief brings me good results.
pphhhss i am spamming nonsense again. spam spam spam :(

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