"i am going to be pretty, someday."


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"Eeeewww, look! caterpillar!"
"That creature is disgusting!!!"

And other tons of tons of insult and humiliation are spoken to me.
other animals only looked at me being get rid of by humans, and laughed.
but i'm used to it.

Yes, i'm the caterpillar.
The squishy, ugly caterpillar.

i was born from a very small egg, and with lots of hard time i finally have this body.
i eat grass with my front ugly mouth, and i walk slowly.
what's more, i walk with my body, cause i don't have legs, which makes me look more hidious.
Many creatures have interest with me, but i know they only wanna eat me, and throw me away when they need me no more.
i am nothing, and i don't bring any benefit to this world.
i've tried to fly like an eagle that can explore the sky high, but i can't.
i've tried to be as fast as a horse, but i don't have legs. and i'm very much slow. slower than a snail.
i've tried to look like peacock and flaunt my body, but instead of compliment from humans, i was called poisonous by them.
what can i be?

sometimes i cried, i watched the sky when i'm at the top leaves on a big tree.
i try to look the God in the eyes, which i know it's impossible.

i wanna talk to him. i wanna ask him. i wanna complain.

"Why is this happening to me?", i asked.
"Why can't i be a pretty creature, that was admired by tons of creatures, including humans?
Why am i created this ugly, this disgusting?"

and i know, i will never be a pretty creature.

Then, someday, i dreamed.
i dreamed of God, saying good things comes after bad things.
i dreamed that i am pretty, and i can fly like an eagle, and i have legs, and i don't have to walk with my body anymore.
i am happy, i thought this dreams gonna come true.

But then when i woke up, i realize it's just a dream.
a pretty high imagination dream.
i am still a caterpillar.
how can a caterpillar fly? how can it have legs?
that's merely impossible.

But then, suddenly, my body's changing.
i was wrapped by a white string, and it slowly covers my body.

i think it's time for me to go to the heaven and leave this screwed up life, i thought.
and i gave up.
i gave up hoping to be adored by humans.
i cried as i watched my self got wrapped up by that death strings.

Goodbye, world.

day by day, i was wrapped even more and even more and even more, until all of my body was wrapped up into a circle white thing.
i'm not dead yet, but i can't even move.
i thought maybe this is a way how caterpillar died, being trapped inside a white strings until your breath stop.
so i've waited, and waited.
sometimes i hear humans talking from outside this white strings.

"Mom, look, what's this?"
"It's a cocoon, darling. Soon it'll turn ito a butterfly".

So, this white strings is called a cocoon.
But what's a butterfly?
is it a word that describes dead caterpillar?
okay, so now even dead caterpillar has special words to describe.
i guess they hate caterpillar that much.

i will never have a beautiful life.


image by weheartit.

Now, after months trapped inside a cocoon, i've turned into a butterfly.
My wish has granted; and my dreams are true.
after all my sadnes and giving up, i was given hope, and now, my dreams are granted.
i can fly, i have legs, and now everytime humans saw me, they didn't flee, in fact they love me and they put me on their hands.
People never say Eeew again everytime they see me.

They don't know this pretty and graceful butterfly is the evolution of the previous caterpillar they've eewed before.
They don't know this butterfly is the creature that has been through a lot of hard times before, as it try to go every day by day with sadness and tears.


you may humiliate me now. you may discriminate me now.
i may be a caterpillar now,
i may be hidious and ugly but look.

i can be a butterfly too.

i can fly, i can be pretty, and of course someday i will be admired too.
i know i can. i just have to keep trying and trying.
i know someday, that day would come.
that day where i can said "you know what? i am the girl you've said ugly before" and humiliate you.

and FYI the story above is 100% made by me so yeah forgive and forget if the story's kinda messed up okay.

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  1. reminds me of the Ugly Duckling sotry ^^~

  2. naawww :D
    yeah kinda similar to that :/

  3. I love this story. It's very inspiring especially to people who have low self esteem :) You're awesome ;;)

  4. thank you :D
    actually im glad it helps because me personally had a low self esteem too and i know its not fun being a low self-esteem person so yea, im glad it helps xD

  5. ahh, i liked it!

    nothing more to say :X

    but i can't help it!!!


  6. i've read like 5 times and i thought it was seriously touching. *look at myself, sighhhh*

  7. @myx : thank you huniiiiiii ;D you're like way awesomer than me.

    @intan: sis, dont be sad! stand up ;)