look who's blogging!

hello people. i'm back on the track again! ;D

after days of hiatus i'm back to blogging again.
well i guess you guys notice some of the changes i have made, right?

first, i've removed lots of affiliates, cause somehow i think that's a bit disturbing, cause blogging is supposed to be something personal for me, so yeah i'm only keeping those who are close to me. you can remove my name from your affie list, i don't mind. :)
after all this is a personal blog, and it don't need much of that attention. ;D

second, my skins.
that would be the most obvious changes you can see, i think, apart from the affie links.
well yeah i have decided to change because the previous one; as i said; sucks.
and yeah, i meant it. :|
maybe some of you guys like it because of the navis or whatever but i think it sucks, just honest.
and oh, that skins makes me remember of how much pain i had during my sickness too, yeah.
so i changed it to keep away from reminding it. :|

third, changes that i made is that i wont have any exchange links or whatever joining contest or whatever ever again. :)
it's useless.

fourth, i decided to keep this back on track a secret to see how many people have noticed! ;D
then i will know who's the real affies of mine and who's not.
clever? ;P

well i think that's all for my blabbering of changes.

it's been a few weeks of misery for me.
i got this stomachache which had haunted me for a week until i went to a doctor and doctor said i got infection on digestion area.
well, that's surprising though cos i never had any of that before.
so i have to rest a lot, and what's more miserable, i can't eat any spicy food. D;
well that's hell though.
but thank God after i drink medicine for 2 days i have recovered. :)

so this holiday i think imma stuff myself with plating lots of computer though.

i have been playing audition lately.
this is my character. ;D

uh well you wish, suzanne. =.=
that's only clothes from the shopping mall im dying to have for.
actually i realized i never get the chance or time to take my character's screenshot properly.
well, that's sucks, but at least you know how audition looks like. ;D

err, i think that's all?
imma be blogging tomorrow if i want to.
can't wait to play audition again tomorrow. :P

oh and btw i just had a webcam with Kevin and that's fun. ;D
well, sort of, until he got bored and his internet been cut off. :/

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