hey. night post. :)


by Lionel @ SPV.

hey people.
it's 01:00 AM now and i haven't sleep yet due to assignments that i have to submit tomorrow.
it's about that mermaid thing, i haven't finish it yet. haha.
well, i only wanna say that i miss blogging about my personal stuffs though, rather than posting abouit this blog, or affies, or whatever.
after all, blog is like an online diary, right?
the only difference is blog is read by people all over the globe, while diary is not.
so there's like a limit to everything you post.

i kind of wanna make this blog private though.
or kinda make new link and delete this one cause i actually don't want too much people to see my blog, nor read my posts.
only few affies that i am close to.
but still, im considering it...

Kevin and i lately didn't talk too much.
it's because of my blogging addiction and my final exam.
i kinda feel a bit guilty though, cos after ignoring him or whatever he still supports me, love me and remind me to eat or sleep or whatever.

he's a good guy.
and he love me with all his heart, i can see it.

i will never ever replace your love for me for something else, baby bee.
mmuuaahh ~
(sorry for the mushy parts. MY BLOG, MY WAY, MY SAY.)

anyways, i have to go now, have to finish my assignments and quick, or i will not have time to sleep.
bye for now.
and i wanna welcome STEPHANIE to our graphic site first.
hello steph ;P
be sure to post lots of lots of high quality pics!
love from me <3 <3 <3 oh oh and check out my brother's video, he made this video remix about war and he added sound effect by himself, and he's only 11 YEARS OLD.
i am soo effing proud of him.
if only he study more often for his school and not abandon it, *sigh* =__=

here's the link to the video.

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